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Blueprints of Chengdu New Airport Were Released for the First Time

  Focusing on creating areotropolis and releasing planning blueprint
  What are the exciting details of the planning blueprint of Chengdu New Airport for the first time will bring about? How will Shuangliu International Airport and New Airport complement and assist each other to create Chengdu into an areotropolis?

  Airport Cities Asia Pacific 2015 is officially opened in Chengdu today, attracting Aeroports De Paris, Edmonton International Airport, Federal Aviation Administration of USA, dozens of domestic and overseas airports, aviation upstream and downstream suppliers to exhibit and over 600 guests from the whole world to be present. Yesterday, reporters from West China City Daily went to the conference hall learned that for the first time the short-term, medium-term and long-term planning pictures of Chengdu New Airport were released on the platform of Sichuan Province Airport Group Co., Ltd. The site of Chengdu New Airport is Jianjia Township of Jianyang. In the long term, 4 parallel runways and 2 lateral runways will be constructed.

  3 periods of plannings of Chengdu New Airport are released for the first time
  The exhibition platform of Sichuan Province Airport Group Co., Ltd. is quite attractive among all the domestic and overseas exhibitors for its modern and fashionable styles. The whole platform is open with 3 arcs in the top as decoration signifying the all direction extending and connecting the globe, and the Chinese character “Chuan” in Sichuan. “This is the largest exhibition scale of Sichuan Province Airport Group Co., Ltd. as well as the first exhibition to introduce Chengdu New Airport.” The relevant official from Sichuan Province Airport Group Co., Ltd. Introduced.

  Reporters also see in the exhibition hall that the short-term, medium-term and long-term planning pictures of Chengdu New Airport were released for the first time. In the short period (2014-2018), one expressway, two highways and two railways will be constructed to Chengdu New Airport.

  The new airport is designed and constructed in accordance with of annual throughput of 40 million and annual cargo of 0.7 billion ton with 3 runways and airspace class of 4F. In the long term, 4 parallel runways and 2 lateral runways will be constructed with the total area of terminals for annual throughput of 90 million and annual cargo of 2 million ton. After the completion of the new airport, Chengdu will be the third Chinese city except Beijing and Shanghai to have two airports.

  Chengdu aviation economy will take off with two wings
  After Chengdu has two airports, Chengdu’s aviation economy will also take off with two wings. On the exhibition platform of Chengdu, reporters see the blueprint of aviation economy in the future.
  Chengdu International Aviation Hub Comprehensive Function Area with the center of Shuangliu International Airport with the land of 38 square kms dedicates to creating trillion level high-end industrial park and Western and Central China First Aviation Hub. In 2014, the function area achieved the main income of 69.9 billion yuan, import and export amount of 282 thousand ton, growing 120%, and cargo value of 27.78 billion US dollars, a year-on-year growth of 238%.

  Chengdu New Airport constructs on the basis of Aviation Zone and Tianfu New District. It will be the air bridgehead extending from the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the largest aviation port of the Silk Road Economic Belt, striving to be construct national level international aviation hub. Chengdu will formate a comprehensive transportation system of air, railway, water, and land with the focus of the new airport, construct the most important global hub airport and main economic aviation logistics channel, and construct international modern aviation city.

  Today, Airport Cities World Conference will also display grand opening ceremony. Except “China Areotropolis - Opportunities and Challenges” “Maintaining and Promoting the International Competition of Chengdu Logistics” and other keynote speeches, all the other exhibition halls will also open officially.

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