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Creating “Satisfactory Sichuan”Tourism Brands and Winning Global Praises

  Entering 2015, Sichuan tourism economy ushers in a new round of growth with a “good start” in the Golden Week during Spring Festival. It achieved a total of 22.566 billion yuan of tourism revenue, with 50,586,100 tourist receptions. Tourist income and tourist numbers were up 27.2% and 16.6 % respectively; compared with other provinces, Sichuan ranked first in terms of total tourist income, second in terms of tourist income growth rate.

  Tourists throughout the country show great enthusiasm to come and visit Sichuan scenery spots. Thus we would provide them with our best service. In order to be worthy of their expectation and let them leave with satisfaction, this year the provincial government place the tourism industry service supervision as one of the “Troika”—the tourism industry development. So tourists would be willing to and feel at ease to spend money. In the provincial tourism working conference, policies had been proposed to create a "satisfactory Sichuan" tourism service brand and take it as a starting point, Sichuan would adhere to and lay emphasis on both the “industry body volume” and the “brand quality”; meanwhile it would promote tourism economy development by achieving good regulation among various tourism services.

  Four Breakthroughs to Guarantee Tourists’ Interest

  Last year, our province issued the “Sichuan Provincial Work Program of Regulating Tourist Market According to the Law (2014-2016)”. By tackling the problem and eliminate the root in three years, it was expected that Sichuan would achieve national first-rate tourism services in 2016. This year, in order to create a “satisfactory Sichuan” tourism service brand, the goal of Sichuan Province is to implement the “Four Breakthroughs” in this program.

   Breakthrough one: local tax bureau should take the lead and advocate tourists to use the network (electronic) invoice in major tourist destinations, tourist lines, shopping, entertainments, accommodation of scenic spots, travel agencies and other business units. By implementing this policy, those illegal shops would be targeted and illegal behaviors such as private rebates, bullying and cheating customers, inducing consumption, forged and fake commodity and tax evasion will be effectively kept within limits, so that visitors will not feel alarmed when shopping or entertaining around the tourist area. 

   Breakthrough two: Unite and publish tourism passenger vehicle-specific identification in the province; strengthen the ability of monitoring passenger transportation market demand; speed up the upgrading of tourism passenger vehicles; achieve good transport capacity allocation and timely increase the number of small tour bus. Meanwhile, the province will promote the settlement of those problems of tourism transport accessibility; explore and establish provincial tourist regulatory network in Chengdu, Leshan, Aba, Ganzi, Liangshan and other places thus to achieve unified schedule and supervision; support Aba and help it to build a “Demonstration County of Comprehensive Security Supervision Concerning Tourism”.

  Breakthrough three: find an edge tool to curb violations of law—a “blacklist” system. Reporters have learned that in this year, Sichuan Province will establish a sound penalizing system. It will establish regular notification mechanism; increase the exposure intensity of tourism market disorder and severely punish those enterprises or personnel which receive lots of complaints from tourists, exert huge social impacts and violate laws or rules; implement the “blacklist” system, and have the Industry and Commerce, Finance, Tourism and other sectors act together; for serious illegal tour operators, their illegal information will be brought into the credit information disclosure platform of Industry and Commerce Sector and Finance Sector.

  Breakthrough four: promote the publicity of positive energy from the tourism market norms and expose unlawful acts.

  More sweet services and more civilized tourists

  What will satisfactory Sichuan tourism provide for personalized service? In the future, even in the peak holiday, tourists could enjoy a proper reception at tourism destination. Since 2015, Sichuan will continually perfect management system of tourism service quality. Sichuan will promote comprehensively Quality Level Improvement Standards of Sichuan Scenic Spots (A +) and Response Standards of Scenic Spots in Peak Period (A ++), so as to improve service quality and emergency respond of scenic spots, implement local and industrial tourism standards, shape tourism brands and enhance tourism quality, and close those scenic spots and star hotel that are heavily complained by tourists. Meanwhile, Sichuan will conduct tourist satisfaction survey and establish tourism service quality management system focusing on tourists’ satisfaction. In 2015, Sichuan will take wisdom tourism as a breakthrough to enhance emergency management level of tourism security, establish and enhance forecasting and early warning mechanisms for tourism market together with public security department, transportation department and weather forecasting office, and improve emergency response capability of tourism.

   A satisfactory Sichuan needs the protection of tourists' civilized behaviors. In 2015, Sichuan will establish civilized tourism comprehensive management system. Sichuan Tourism Association will play its role, formulate and implement Uncivilized Record Management Methods in Tourism, build reporting mechanism on disclosing uncivilized behavior, and punish uncivilized tourists. Sichuan will also increase media coverage, organize civilized tourism experience, create a civilized environment and make civilized tourism widely accepted.

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