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Sichuan’s Tourism Achieved 22.5 Billion During 2015 Spring Festival

     On February 24th, reporters learned from the Office of Sichuan Tourism Industrial Development Leading Group that during the 7-day Spring Festival Sichuan achieved a new record in tourism, the revenue of 22.566 billion yuan in total with a year-on-year growth of 27.2%. Sichuan received 50.5861 million visitors, a year-on-year growth of 16.6%. The growth rate of tourism revenue of Panzhihua, Liangshan, Guangyuan, Bazhong, Nanchong, Ya’an, Mianyang surpassed 30%.

     There are four characteristics of the Spring Festival Week. Firstly, a sharp increase in event number. 21 cities have held over 100 major events. Secondly, highlighting on local and traditional cultures. Different Spring Festival activities have been launched, including The Grand Temple at Wuhou Temple of Chengdu, Sun Festival of Jinsha Relics, Zhang Fei Inspecting City at Langzhong Ancient City, Folk Cultural Display of Qiang Nationality at Beichuan, Sanxingdui Grand Sacrifice Event in Deyang, Nanjiang Lantern Festival at Bazhong, and Spring Festival Grand Temple of Suining. These activities not only stimulated local economy but also carry forward traditional cultures. Thirdly, lantern festival decorating the holiday. Chengdu Giant Panda Lantern Festival, Zigong Lantern Festival, Deyang Lantern Festival, Nanchong Lantern Festival, Pixian Sandaoyan Lantern Festival, Qingshen Lantern Festival added more fun for tourists at night and drove the economic development. Fourthly, promoting core values of socialist and transferring positive energy. Longquan Luoshui Wetland Park was promoted by tourists for the theme of “Good People”, collecting role models and passing on core values of socialist.

     Self-driving tourism and self-reliance tourism are still popular. People tended to travel to suburbans or by bullet train. The activity of “Enjoying Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Railway and Spring Festival” was favored by passengers. They not only feasted themselves with beautiful scenery but also received some gifts. Picking strawberries, enjoying snow scenery, and tasting rural food became the best choice for self-reliance tourists to experience the Spring Festival. The sunny weather also made rural tourism, farmhouse tour, ancient township tour and suburban rural tourism the most popular.

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