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Panzhihua Becomes Sichuan’s First Health-Preserving Tourism Demonstration Base

    On December 23rd, the First Sichuan Health-Preserving Tourism Festival, 2015 was held in Panzhihua. Panzhihua was also awarded the title of Sichuan’s first “Sichuan Health-Preserving Tourism Demonstration Base”.

  Currently, Slow Tourism has been increasingly popular while Sichuan tourism resources could satisfy all kinds of health-preserving tourism. Health-preserving tourism products developed in accordance with different climates, altitudes, geographical conditions are one of the important directions for Sichuan to expand tourism markets. Panzhihua is awarded the title of first health-preserving tourism demonstration base in Sichuan, which is closely connected with local climates. Due to abundant solar-thermal resources, Panzhihua has different fruits and flowers in all 4 seasons. Tens of thousands of aging people from Northern China and Sichuan spend their winter in Panzhihua every year.

    On the tourism festival, Science Health Promotion Association of Sichuan also issued Sichuan Assessment Standards (Trial) for Health-Preserving Demonstration Base.

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