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Direct Outbound Flight Destinations of Russia, Australia and Italy Will Be Popular in 2016

   Visa is easier to apply in 2015. Sichuan people are enthusiastic about outbound tourism. Reporters currently have learned from Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Tourism that from January to November, the outbound tourists organized by travel agencies have amounted to 1.7947 million, a year-on-year growth of 61.26%.

  It has been reported that apart from Japan, South Korea and islands in Southeast Asia, Russia, the county with the most vast territory, has been one of the most popular tourism destinations for Sichuan people. Moreover, in terms of tourism method, cruise becomes a fresh outbound choice. Travel agencies of Sichuan have estimated that as the opening of flights between Chengdu and Paris, between Chengdu and Sydney, and the restoration of direct flight between Chengdu and Moscow, Russia, Australia, and Italy will become increasingly attractive for Sichuan people.


    Traveling by cruise and visiting Red Square
In May, 2015, China Youth Travel Service of Chengdu cooperated with Sichuan Airlines and opened the International chartered flight between Chengdu and Moscow, 5 hours fewer than the interline flights. Therefore, series of Moscow tourism products of direct flights have been favored by tourists. Roaming on Moscow nights is an dream to realize. Data from China Youth Travel Service of Chengdu indicate that until the flights were stopped on October 24th, 2015, there were 76 flights in less than half a year and serving tourists about 50,000. The load factors reach 94%.

  Traveling by cruise in 2015 has been a new alternative for Sichuan people. On December 12th, Quantum of the Seas chartered by Western China tourists for the first time officially initiated her voyage. Approximately 4,000 Sichuan tourists started from Shanghai and enjoyed this new ocean vocation methods freely in 4 days. It was quite suitable for family travel and connected Shanghai, Okinawa and Hong Kong. Reporters had traveled on the cruise and felt the sunshine beaches in Okinawa. While Hong Kong was a good shopping place during Christmas carnival season. Reporters found that on Quantum of the Seas, advanced entertainments were attractive to tourists. For instance, tourists could have a bird's eye view of the cruise and the magnificent seas from an altitude of 91 meters at Polar Star Glass Sightseeing Cabin, enjoy the excite and pleasure of vertical landing at safe and controlled environment from deck skydiving, and taste unprecedented multidimensional performances through the seamless integration of technology and entertainment at 270°Sightseeing Hall. In terms of accommodation, over 2,000 guest rooms are designed exquisitely and comfortably. Besides, all the rooms could see the sea. Guests could enjoy their own exclusive private space as well as family reunion. As for food and drinking, the cruise adopted unfixed meals so that tourists could choose from 19dinners with unique styles and features to customize their own exclusive gourmet trip. Reporters also saw that as the organizer of the trip, China Youth Travel Service of Chengdu provided convenient aboard and leading services. They also established information desk and arrange responsible people to serve on duty 24 hours.

    Russia, Australia, and Italy will become more popular
   2016 is coming soon. What are the highlights of outbound tourism? Reporters have learned from travel agencies that the emerging direct flight destinations, such as Russia, Australia, and Paris, would become attractive.

  In April, 2016, the flight between Chengdu and Moscow opened nylon China Youth Travel Service of Chengdu and Sichuan Airlines will be restored. By then, more travel agencies will promote new tourism products. Mr. Yang Shijun, deputy general manager of China Youth Travel Service of Sichuan told reporters that they would launch 3 kinds of tourism products, including “Tasting Russia”, “Honored Traveling Russia” and “Amorous Russia”, with the price ranging from 7,500 yuan to 11,000 yuan for per tourist. While on the middle of December, 2015, Chengdu opened the direct flights to Paris. In 2016, travel agencies will launch French and Italy customized travel. Currently, there have been travel agencies which have developed tourism routes covering Tuscany Region of Italy, visiting the sourcing places of Milan Fashion Week, and ancient constructions of Florence for 11 days. In 2016, the flight number from Chengdu to Japan will increase and cheap flight tickets will further stimulate Japanese tourism markets. Mr. Gong Tao, Operation Director of Zuixiang Travel Agency, told reporters, “It is estimated that tourists will mainly head for Tokyo and Osaka and taste Hokkaido, Sapporo and so on in 2016. Japanese customized travel with 12,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan will be more popular.”

   By June, 2016, Chengdu is expected to open the direct flight from Chengdu to Sydney. Mrs. Zhou Yuqin from Tuniu Travel Network said, “Tuniu will adjust our relevant tourism products in Australia. Currently, tourists starting from Chengdu could travel Rose Bay, St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Tower and so on for 8 days with the average price of 17,000 yuan for per tourist. The price will be lower after the direct flight, attracting more tourists.”

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