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Sichuan Opens Tourism Marketing Center in Japan and South Korea

  To expand the tourism market in Japan and South Korea, on October 25th and 29th, Sichuan tourism marketing center in Japan and South Korea have been established in Tokyo and Seoul respectively. Meanwhile, Sichuan’s new tourism logo was released in Japan and South Korea to display Sichuan’s nature, culture, folk customs, food and so on.

  Japan and South Korea are not only the main destinations for Sichuan tourists but also important tourist source markets for Sichuan. Taking the opportunity of establishing marketing center, Sichuan also held promotion meeting in Japan and South Korea, released the new tourist logo and promotion slogan, “Sichuan, More Than Pandas”, opened the Japanese language website of Sichuan official tourism, Tsichuan, and elaborated the inbound reward tourism policy of Sichuan.

  Japanese tourism enterprises could apply Sichuan inbound tourism reward through organizing tourists in Sichuan by chartered airlines, releasing Sichuan tourism advertisements in local public media, and holding special markets to sell Sichuan tourism products. These reward policy has attracted wide attention of Japanese tourism industry. In the future, South Korean tourists could buy the products of Big Jiuzhai, Shangri-la, Big Three Kingdoms, Big Emei and Big Chengdu in the marketing center. Moreover, Sichuan Airlines will open the flights from Seoul to Chengdu to Jiuzhai Valley, Kangding, Daocheng Yading, Xichang, Panzhihua and so on in order to bring more conveniences to foreign tourists to travel in Sichuan.

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