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Beautiful Leshan with Culture as Soul

  Leshan is a city surrounded by mountains and rivers. Mount Emei, the most elegant and magnificent in the world, is the most glaring pearl in Leshan. Minjing River, Dadu River and Qingyi River meet here, making a spectacular scene that “The Buddha is a mountain while the mountain is also a Buddha”. The city and the Buddha are on each side of the river. After the implementation of “Traffic Project” which takes hundreds of million, Leshan-Emei Expressway, a total of 22 km, has shortened the distance of Leshan downtown and Mount Emei. It has never been so close between the Buddha of millennium and Mount Emei of billions of years.

  Leshan is also a city of forest. It is National Model of Green City and is evaluated by UNESCO as “forests among city and city in mountains and rivers”. Jiazhou Lvxin Park, covering 8.7 square kilometers of primitive forest in the city center, has been a perfect place for citizens to have a rest and leisure as well as a card of livable city.

  Leshan is also a city of garden. The green coverage of the whole city has amounted to 45.67%. It is enlisted in the second batch of national garden city. In recent years, Leshan persists to head on the way of developing harmoniously between human and city and has completed a large number of projects combined culture and tourism, for instance, Jiading Fang, Lvxin Round Line, Emei Green Riverside, and so on.

  Leshan is also a city enjoying the title of “national historical and cultural city”. During the Spring and Autumn Period, it was under the governance of Shu King. At that time, Leshan abounded begonia and thus gained the reputation of “Fragrant Kingdom of Begonia”. In Tang Dynasty, it had been one of the most famous Buddhist resorts. Leshan Buddha, the largest stone sitting Buddha statue in the world, was made in Tang Dynasty. Cultures of Buddhist, Taoist, and Ruist, farming civilization, docking culture all sparked here. Su Shi, Li Pai, Lu You and other literary giants had wrote beautiful and elegant essays here and depicted the heroes and magnificence.

  Leshan is also a city of folklore. Emei martial arts, which have combined preservation of health and kongfu practicing, beauty election of Yi nationality from Xiaoliang Mountain, wrestling, bride grabbing, and so on, have their spectacular feelings. Muchun grass dragon, ebony carving, high pile painting, handmade paper, all these folklore signify the wisdom of people and the treasure of the nation, marking the heritage of skills as well as folk culture. Luomu Township, Jianwei Township and other ancient townships in Emei city, have displayed their unique charm and style of millennium.

  Leshan is a city full of humanities. With rich and colorful heritage, Leshan aims to build a cultural, ecological and beautiful city with completed industries, suitable for living, travelling, working and doing business under the slogan of “beautiful ecology, city, scenic spots, gardens, countrysides, and humanities”. In April 2013, the expression, “kindness, beauty, innovation and persistence”, indicated Leshan spirit. Now Leshan will adhere to  emphasizing refreshing and image shaping, work hard to enhance the meaning and taste of urban culture, highlight her personality, inherit and develop Leshan Buddhist culture, “Ancient Jiaking culture”, Guo Moruo spirit, Xiaoliang Mountain Yi Nationality culture, and folk culture, and nurture the soul of cultures.

  In September 2014, attention will be focused on this city, Leshan. Unique natural ecology, cultural customs of millennium, and livable environment has won Leshan the titles of “national historical and cultural city, excellent tourism city in China, national garden city, national sanitary city and national model of green city”.

  A thousand years ago, in Song Dynasty, there was a poem saying, “The most significant and beautiful mountain and river were in Shu while the most significant and beautiful mountain and river in Shu were in Jiazhou.” A thousand years later, this mountain, this Buddha, this city will sparkle again.

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