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Leshan Jiajiang Dongfengyan Enlisted on World Irrigation Project Heritage List

  On September 16th, on the 65th International Executive Council of International Commission on 22nd Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) Congress held in Gwangju, Korea, Leshan Jiajiang Dongfengyan Irrigation Project was enlisted on the first batch of world irrigation engineering project heritage list, the only one from Sichuan. This was what reporters learned from Leshan Water Authority on September 16th.

  It is reported that world irrigation engineering project heritage list is evaluated and selected from 2014, aiming to preserve and utilize ancient irrigation projects which are still working, learn from ancestors of their sustainable irrigation wisdom and protect precious historical and cultural heritage. 17 irrigation projects were enlisted, including 4 in China, i.e., Leshan Dongfengyan, Zhejiang Lishui Tongjiyan, Hunan Xinhua Zijuan terrace, and Fujian Pujiang Mulanpo.

  Dongfengyan, located at the left bank of Qingyi River and Jiajiang, tributaries of Yangtze River, is an irrigation project with the dominated function of agricultural irrigation and other functions such as urban flood control, power generation, water supply for urban and rural industrial and domestic water, and urban environmental protection. The project was built in 1662 and has been at service for approximately 350 years. Its irrigating coverage includes a total of 48 villages of Yancheng Township, Huangtu Township, Ganlin Township and Ganjiang Township of Jiajiang County, with agricultural irrigating area of 70,000 mu.

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