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Jianmen Pass Scenic Spot: Development and Protection

  All the 115 programs aiming to enhance Guangyuan Jianmen Pass Shu Road into AAAAA scenic spot will be completed by the end of April to celebrate 2014 China Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival with the theme of “Beautiful China and Jianmen Pass Shu Road” to be held from June 25 to July 3 in Guangyuan. “We should pay special attention on protection and development at the same time so as to avoid any pity in the development of sites.” This was the specific demand put forward by Mr. Ma Hua, secretary of Guangyuan Municipal Committee of the CPC, at the beginning of initiating these programs to enhance Jianmen Pass Shu Road into AAAAA scenic site. After two years, in this progress, have protection and development been emphasized at the same time? On April 21, reporters went to the scenic spot to examine it closely.

  Conservation of Natural Ecology Comes First

  From the bottom steps to the top of the newly established foot traveling road along the north entrance, reporters saw that there were plentiful trees in the road. In case of rocks, the foot traveling road was built around the rocks instead of cutting through them.

  Mr. Zhang Jun, group leader of Enhancing AAAAA Planning and Technology Team, explained, “There are splendid peak cluster Danxia landform wonders in Jianmen Pass Shu Road Scenic Spot. Therefore, when formulating development planning, we give priority to protecting ecology and require not to destroy original natural landscapes in construction.”

  In the core area of Cuiyun Gallery (Jiange segment), reporters found that there was no massive construction. Compared with the situation 3 years ago, all the ancient cypresses had been numbered and examined carefully. Those cypresses needed protection were rescued. Over 2,000 ancient cypresses had been fertilized and filled with soil. The tree holes in about 100 cypresses had been filled and 10 tilted cypresses had been supported with beams.

  “As for the location of the new station of the cableway, we modified 5 times.”  Said the person in charge of Development Company of Jianmen Pass Scenic Spot. Besides, in formulating the planning, over 20 negotiation meetings were held. The planning for development was finally settled after being modified more than 10 times.

  When climbing Bird Road, reporter saw that a dozen of workers were busy planting trees, disseminating grass and flower seeds, and covering film of plastic. A responsible person from Development and Reform Bureau of Jiange County explained, “A few construction companies destroyed accidentally some vegetation of the roadside. These workers are replanting trees. When signing contracts with construction companies, we has made it quite clear in the contracts about protection and development clauses. By April, 6 companies have been fined 150,000 Yuan. Another 2 owner companies are blamed for failing to perform responsibility for supervision.”

  Developing Moderately

  “My God! It is too steep! So exciting and thrilling! If you did not climb Bird Road, you could not really understand the real meaning of the old saying that it is easy to climb to heaven than take the Shu Roads!” Zhang Jun, a tourist from Shaanxi, was definitely impressive.

  In order to fully highlight the majesty of Jianmen, Jiange County painstakingly created a number of attractive programs in the process of creating AAAAA scenic spot. Bird Road, which has been completed, is one of them.

  At the construction site of Dangling Glass Sightseeing Platform, the highest place at the whole scenic spot, workers were busy framing trestles and moving materials. The worker in charge tole reporter, “After completion, this place will enable tourists to overview the whole scenic spot to fully appreciate its majesty, danger, and elegance. Besides, electronic business system has been built so that visitors can reserve and pay electronic tickets, tourism products, catering and accommodation on line. They can also learn Jianmen Pass in advance through digital virtual scenic spot and well plan their traveling routes. The whole spot will be covered with wifi.” Mr. Mu Daming, director of Tourism Bureau of Jianmen County, introduced that Jianmen County had undergone 5 improvements in image, culture, features, functions and services with a total investment of 200 million Yuan. By now, there have been 115 programs, 104 of which have been finished. Other programs are expected to be finished and the scenic spot is doubling efforts to accelerate construction pace.

  According to Mr. Yang Zhengguo, director of Publicity Bureau of Jiange County, the meaning of cultures at Jiange Scenic Spot has been fully discovered. As the completion of facilities, Jiange Scenic Spot will exert greater influence on the market. Its leading function in improving the life of local people increasing their income will be remarkable. From January to March, the arrivals of Jiange Scenic Spot amount to 672,000, a year-on-year growth of 11.5%. The revenue of the scenic spot is 2.0479 million, up 44.5%.

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