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Xiaozi Tibetan People Celebrated “First Nine Festival”

  Flags were flying and people were singing aloud. On February 8, at the Folk Square of Xiaozi Tibet subcounty, Baoxing county, 2014 China Xiaozi First Nine Festival Traditional Folk Culture Activities were held. People from all the 5 Tibetan villages enjoyed the activities and food to celebrate Lantern Festival.

  There were legends among these Baoxing Tibetan citizens, saying on the first day of the lunar calendar, chickens were created, the second day, dogs, the third day, pigs, the fourth day, sheep, the fifth day, cattle, the sixth day, horses, the seventh day, human being, the eighth day, grains, the ninth day, the heaven, the tenth day, the earth. They thought that all creatures were gifts from gods. For worship and admiration, they called the ninth day of the first month in lunar calendar as “First Nine Festival” to celebrate the previous harvest, welcome the rebirth of nature and wish a blessing year.

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