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Ganzi Promotes Tourism “Gratitude Discount”

  On December 1st, Ganzi held Earthquake Information Release and Winter Tourism Promotion Meeting in Chengdu to transfer the whole society that holy Ganzi was still beautiful and attractive. Reporters learned from the meeting that from December 1st to March 31st, 2015, Ganzi would launch winter tourism “Gratitude Discount”activity.

  Kangding 6.3 magnitude earthquake did not cause a serious impact on tourism in Ganzi. On the day when the earthquake stroke and several following days, the number of tourists in Kangding, the epicenter, and Danba, Daofu, and Luding and so on, maintained stable. Tourism stayed orderly. The traffic was not affected. Currently, infrastructure damaged in the earthquake in some scenic spots have been excluded major security problems and under repair. Transport Department and Traffic Police Department have strengthened security in major sections and paved slip-resistant measures and safety protection measures to ensure smooth and safe traffic in winter.
  Since  December 1st, Ganzi would focus on promoting round Gongga Mountain winter tourism product, with the specific road from Chengdu, Hailuo Valley, Kangding, Danba,Luding back to Chengdu. The key scenic spots in Ganzi, including Hailuo Valley, Mugecuo, Danbajiaju Tibetan Villages, and so on, would also give discount in tickets, sightseeing cars, spas, and accommodations. The discount for tickets ranged from 50% to 80%.

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