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Daocheng Yading Airport Opens on September 16

  Daocheng Yading Airport, world’s highest airport, will officially open round trip Chengdu to Daocheng flight on September 16. There will be a flight every day with the traveling time shortened from original 2 days to 1 hour. All these were learned form Ganzi Tourism New Product Promotion and Yading Airport Opening Explanation Meeting. 

  Currently Daocheng Yading Airport has opened flight to Chengdu. The flight in Chengdu takes off at 06:50 and arrives at 7:55. There will be more flights to Mianyang, Luzhou, Yibin, and Chongqing. During the National Days, the flight number will adjust according to tourist flow.

  During the 1 hour journey from Chengdu to Daocheng, tourists could overlook views such as Gongga Mountains and Haizi Mountain. The shape of Yading Airport, a dish-shaped three story building, was designed to fit the beautiful Haizi Mountain. Other buildings are buried in the soil except the control tower and terminal so as to construct a wonderful airport. The wall is Zang style. In the airport, tourists are in the “the last Shangri-La” of beauty.

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