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Mugecuo in Winter: a Crystal Fairland

  The four seasons in Kangding (Mugecuo) Scenic Spot are significantly beautiful, spring with blooming flowers, summer with cooling breezes, autumn with the bright moon and winter with pure snow. Therefore, a number of tourists are attracted by its beauty.

  In early December, reporters saw in the scenic spot that in the morning of early winter, the lake is calm and bright just like a huge mirror with blue sky, white clouds, mountains and snow reflecting in it. At dusk, with the sunset, the sparkling lake is just like gold. A naturally formed beach, named Golden Coast, provides a perfect place for tourists to play and feel the charm. Standing on this beach with an altitude of 3,780 meters and touched by the warm winter sunshine, you will definitely be attracted by its breathtaking winter scenery.

  A tourist, who was just sightseeing in this spot, said, “In winter, there are a lot of problems such as low temperature, rainy and snowy days, and rough, slippery mountain roads. However, we have determined to appreciate snow and winter plateau at Kangding, because we have long heard about that the winter here is so charming and beautiful. The hot springs here contain a high rate of mineral. We are so lucky to see this lake frozen with thick ices, just like a enormous silver mirror reflecting blue sky. The lake has been a natural entertainment place for skiing and skating. Look at surrounding mountains. Look at the pure snow on mountains and trees. They are so crystal, magical and noble.”

  Mugecuo’s beauty and charm are not decreased by cold winter. When snow and warm sunshine are encountered here, they add the unique beauty of Mugecuo.  Tourists’ enthusiasm is not influenced by the coming of winter. People still flock here to taste and appreciate the breathtaking scenery in winter. 

  According to officials working in Kangding County Tourism Bureau, there are 6,456 visitors in November at Mugecuo. “Mugecuo with winter charm is favored by more and more tourists.”

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