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Panzhihua: a Sunshine Health City in China

  Right now, the north China has been covered with ice and snow. However, on December 6, Panzhihua was brightly sunny with gentle breeze. It takes only 6 hours by car from Chengdu to Panzhihua, the only place where there is no winter.

  2013 Panzhihua Happy Sunny Festival would be lasted from December 6 to February in 2014, attracting a large number of tourists. Besides, it has also attracted many enterprises to hunt for Sunny Fortune in this steel city. On the opening ceremony, 5 projects, a total investment volume of 5.1 million yuan, including China Ze Village of Yanbian County, Zhongyi Travel Sunshine Leisure Center of Miyi County and Colourful Waterfront Ecological Zones of Renhe District, were begun to construct together.

  Constructing Travel Sunshine Leisure Center of China with millions of yuan

  Compared with other cities in Sichuan, the tourism resources in Panzhihua are not so rich. But recently, Panzhihua has promoted the construction of tourism projects of high-level, creating the conception of “Sunshine Leisure Health City in China” for the first time. It has been learned that in Panzhihua, there are 27 tourism projects under construction, 5 of which are over 1 billion and 2 are over 10 billion yuan. Hongge Spa Resort District project group and other 16 key tourism village projects have been initially finished, while Ashuda Dancing Flowers Scenic Spot project group, a total investment of 13 billion yuan and Puda Sunshine International Leisure Resort project group, a total investment of 10 billion yuan have been accelerated in construction speed.

  At Hongge Township, `reporters have learned that based on Hongge Spa, a well-known hotspring in Panzhihua, Hongge has engaged in developing tourism in the theme of sunshine, spa, sports and leisure. Hongge, with south Asia tropical style, has developed into a place suitable to live, invest and travel. It is developing into a tourism destination with greater influence and higher reputation in southwestern Sichuan and northeastern Yunan. According to data, from January to October in 2013, the tourism revenue of Hongge Township, Yanbian County is 728 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 58.37%, accounting for 42.41% of the total tourism revenue of the county. There are 864,700 tourists visiting here, a year-on-year growth of 58.34%.

  Panzhihua has showed determination and majesty in transforming from a steel city into a tourism city. It is reported that by the end of 2015, the visitors to Panzhihua will be over 10 million and the tourism revenue will be more than 10 billion yuan. The foundation is the major tourism projects of Panzhihua.

  A person’s Lijiang and A family’s Panzhihua

  The average annual temperature in Panzhihua is 20℃, with over 300 frost-free days and 2,700 hours of sunshine in a year. It is advantageous for Panzhihua to develop winter tourism. The tourism projects should be focused on the health and preservation of a whole family. Lijiang is suitable to travel alone, while Shuanglang is suitable to travel with a friend and Panzhihua is for the whole family. Panzhihua is going to be the happy land for the senior people in China. The key to a health paradise is the sound health care system. It is reported that after many years’ effort, Panzhihua, a city enlisted on the second batch of pilot health city by World Health Organization, has established urban three-level healthcare service system, which consists of municipal-level hospitals, community health service center and community health service stations, and rural three-level healthcare system, which consists of country (district) hospitals, township hospitals and village hospitals. At present, there eared about 1,000 medical and health institutes of all levels, including 5 Grade-three A hospitals and 1 Grade-three B hospitals and other special medical institutes with all kinds of medical equipment.

  In China, it has been a fashion to spend winter in Panzhihua. Currently, all resorts in Panzhihua have added programs to leisure for the old, for example, Ashuda Dancing Flower Resorts with all kinds of beautiful flowers, Panxi Sub-plateau Competition and Training Center with all types of sports available, and Riverside Scenery sections of Jinsha River with green paths. High-quality healthcare service facilities are essential for a place to become a paradise for the old.

  In order to make the visitors like here and make the local citizens proud of it, Panzhihua has opened 29 state-owned pension service institutes, 28 community pension service centers, 300 private pension houses and leisure institutes. It is learned that Panzhihua is also constructing green pension buildings, smart pension buildings, departments for the old with medical care and rehabilitation care, while the winter healthcare service system in community day care centers is also improving.

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