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Sichuan: Top Choice of Taiwan Enterprises

  Up to the first quarter of this year, there are 1,500 Taiwan enterprises in Sichuan with a total investment of 6.221-billion dollar and an actual utilized investment of 4.689-billion dollar. The economic cooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan keeps deepening and upgrading——

  An appointment in early summer. The 7th Cross-strait Economy, Trade and Culture Forum will be held in Sichuan, the first time it being held in a western China province.

  It is a trend now for Taiwan enterprises to choose Sichuan as their investment destination and this reflects the increasingly powerful influence of Sichuan-Taiwan economic cooperation.

  Up to the first quarter of this year, there are 1,500 Taiwan enterprises in Sichuan with a total investment of 6.221-billion dollar and an actual utilized investment of 4.689-billion dollar. There are 117 Taiwan enterprises that invest over 10-million dollar in Sichuan. All indexes of Sichuan rank No.1 in western China. Taiwan enterprises have become a powerful force to boost Sichuan’s economic and social development and Sichuan has become one of the major provinces that deal with Taiwan affairs.

  Sichuan after earthquake is top choice of Taiwan enterprises to invest in western China.

  After disaster, does Sichuan still appeal to Taiwan businessmen?

  In Sep. 2008, “The 4th Western China Cross-strait Economy and Technology Expo”, the first major Taiwan-related economy & trade activity after the “5.12” Wenchuan earthquake, was held in Wenjiang, Chengdu. Nearly one thousand Taiwan businessmen attended the Expo. 18 project contracts were signed at the Expo with a total investment of 10.825-billion yuan. Statistics show that Taiwan businessmen favor Sichuan more than before.

  During industrial transfer and Taiwan investment’s flowing into western China, Sichuan, abundant with both natural and human resources, has always been focus of investment of Taiwan industrialists and businessmen. In the 3-year post-disaster reconstruction, Sichuan seized the opportunity of Western Development, quickened the pace to build new homeland and economic growth highland and became top choice of Taiwan enterprises to invest in western China.

  Foxconn has come to Sichuan. Foxconn Technology Group, world’s biggest electronics manufacturer, set up a R&D, manufacture and application base of optoelectronic display products in Sichuan. This is the biggest business solicitation project in western China in recent 10 years. When the project is finished, the estimated annual revenue will reach 37.5-billion dollar, 1.6 times as much as Sichuan’s total revenue of electronic information industry in 2009.

  Compal has come to Sichuan as well. This world’s biggest laptop OEM has signed a contract to set up a laptop manufacturing base in Shuangliu, Chengdu and a project headquarter in Wuhou District, Chengdu.

  During the past few years, Wistron, Yadong Cement and other noted enterprises all invested more than 100-million dollar in Sichuan. Taiwan enterprises that have already invested in Sichuan all increased their investments. At present, Sichuan attracted the most Taiwan enterprises and the most investment in western China.

  Put up platforms to upgrade the foundation for Sichuan-Taiwan economy & trade cooperation.

  In May 2010, opening ceremony of “Sichuan Enterprises Promotion Tour in Taiwan” & Economy and Trade Cooperation Forum was held. “Seize the chance, make joint efforts, achieve mutual benefit” is a common goal of Sichuan and Taiwan.

  To reach the goal, a series of platforms is being put up. “Western China Cross-strait Economy and Technology Expo”, “Western China Cross-strait Forum on Electronic Information Industry Cooperation” and other cross-strait exchange activities launched by Sichuan have greatly expanded Sichuan’s influence in Taiwan. The Expo has become a grand meeting for economy & trade exchange in western China with the highest level, biggest scale and richest content. While “Sichuan Enterprises Promotion Tour in Taiwan” has achieved breakthrough in exchange level, scale and content.

  To reach the goal, Sichuan keeps optimizing its investment soft environment. Sichuan keeps strengthening its policies to support the development of Taiwan enterprises in Sichuan and to expand exchange with Taiwan. Opinions on Accelerating the Take Over of Industrial Transfer, Opinions on Further Promoting Coastal Taiwan Enterprises to Transfer to Sichuan and other policies were issued. Moreover, Sichuan is the earliest province in western China that Taiwan compatriots can be endorsed on arrival and the earliest province in western China that opens direct flight to Taiwan and has the most round-trip flights and the most airlines and the most destinations in Taiwan. All these create favorable condition for Sichuan-Taiwan exchange and cooperation.

  From the establishment of Chengdu Cross-strait Science and Technology Park to the Xinjin Taiwan Farmers Business Park and Panzhihua, Yanbian Taiwan Farmers Business Park, Sichuan now has the most Taiwan-related parks in western China. The Chengdu Cross-strait Science and Technology Park is the only national level park in western China and there are over 700 projects, including 5 world’s top 500 enterprises, top 8 enterprises of this industry in Asia and over 100 enterprises that invest hundreds of millions yuan.

  Deepen cooperation to form industrial “linkage” effect.

  “Help Chengdu to become an unshakeable city in world IT industry.” In Oct. 2010, when the first manufacturing project invested by Foxconn in Chengdu was put into operation, Zhuang Hongren, Foxconn’s chief investment officer said so with full confidence.

  According to statistics of Sichuan Bureau of Business Solicitation, with the arrival of Compal Group, 102 enterprises have come to Chengdu to “butt joint” with Compal. Officer from the Bureau of Business Solicitation said: “ usually it is us to knock on their doors one by one, now they come in groups. This is the leading force of market.”

  Another trend is that in recent 3 years, the invest area of Taiwan businessmen has expanded gradually from Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, etc. to Yibin, Luzhou, Leshan, Nanchong, Dazhou, Panzhihua, Ganzi, etc.

  This is exactly the meaning of deepening Sichuan-Taiwan economy & trade cooperation. Taiwan enterprises’ marching into Sichuan will not only create several billionaire enterprises, but generate unmeasurable industrial “linkage” effect

  According to the professionals, with the deepening of Sichuan-Taiwan cooperation, this effect will be gradually revealed in the introduction of high-end technology, the training of technical personnel, the perfection of industrial chain, logistics and financial services and so on to finally promote Sichuan’s adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure and elevate Sichuan’s comprehensive competitiveness in western China.

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