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Zhang Zuoha




  Zhang Zuoha, Yi nationality, a native of Yuexi County, Sichuan Province. He was born in Aug. 1950, joined the CPC in Dec. 1982 and started work in Oct. 1969. He is a postgraduate from Party School of the CPC Central Committee Party Theory and Party Building Major.

  Mr. Zhang was an educated youth in Yuexi County and graduated from Chengdu Sport University in 1976. He was appointed coach of Sports Committee of Yuexi County, deputy director of Cultural Educational Bureau of Yuexi County, head of the Song and Dance Ensemble of Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, director of Cultural Bureau of Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, secretary of Leading Party Group, director of Education Committee of Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, deputy secretary of Leading Party Group. In Aug. 1993, he was appointed deputy commissioner of Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture and then deputy secretary of Liangshan prefectural Party Committee in Dec. 1995 (during this time, he took a temporary post as deputy director of prefectural agricultural department from Jun. to Dec. 1997). In Mar. 1999, he was deputy secretary of Liangshan prefectural Party Committee and commissioner of Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture. He took up the post as Vice-Governor of Sichuan People’s Government and member of Leading Party Group in Jan. 2003 (he was appointed deputy secretary of Sichuan provincial Party committee ethnic affairs committee since Apr. 2003). In Oct. 2011, he served as member of Leading Party Group and senior adviser of Sichuan government. He is a member of the 9th Sichuan provincial Party committee, a deputy to the 9th, 10th and 11th Provincial People’s Congress and a deputy to the 12th NPC.



  He is charge of some special work entrusted by the governor. He is a member of Sichuan Provincial leading group on poverty alleviation, Sichuan Provincial leading group of tourism, as well as leading group on comprehensive poverty alleviation of Daliangshan and Xiaoliangshan. He assists the work of economy of towns and districts, strengthening the towns and taking charge of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Archives, and Advisory Office of Provincial Government.

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