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Sichuan to Implement People-benefitGreen Burial Policy across theProvince Since This Year

From this year onwards, Sichuan will popularize the people-benefit green burials across the province. For the bereaved families who agree cremation, the government will offer basic funeral services in accordance with the policy by means of fee reduction or exemption, subsidies, etc.

It is understood that the main service targets of the pro-livelihood green burial policy are those who died within the administrative area of Sichuan Province, registered permanent residence in Sichuan Province and were cremated at funeral service agencies in Sichuan Province. Specifically, the pro-livelihood projects include basic funeral services such as collection and transportation of cremated remains, storage of cremated remains, cremation of remains, storage of cremation ashes, etc. The fee reduction and exemption as well as subsidy shall be determined by local economic and social development levels.

With regards to the funds needed for the implementation of the policy, the municipal and county-level finance departments will be in charge of allocating money; the provincial finance department will take into account the developments of subordinate cities and counties in implementing the green burial reform, especially the number of cremations and the financial difficulties encountered during the process so as to give appropriate subsidy to these cities and counties. This year, Sichuan provincial finance department has allocated RMB 80 million to subsidy difficult cities and counties through "substitution of subsidies with rewards".

Putting in place the pro-livelihood green burial policy is one of the 30 livelihood issues identified by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government this year. In the future, civil affairs departments at all levels will work with financial departments on strengthening the follow-up and supervision of the implementation of the pro-livelihood green burial policy through establishing and improving mechanisms and conducting regular or irregular on-site inspections, third-party assessments, etc.

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