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Yin Li Presides Over Provincial Science and Technology Leading Group Meeting

On July 8,Yin Li, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Governor of Sichuan Province, presided over the Provincial Science and Technology Leading Group Meeting, stressing the need to further enhance the understanding of the importance and urgency of scientific and technological innovation, keep our mission firmly in mind, live up to our responsibility and take an active approach to our work, so as to integrate scientific and technological innovation more closely with economic and social development, push the full implementation of the decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial party committees on scientific and technological innovation and promote Sichuan Province to accelerate the pace to realize high-quality development.

The meeting reviewed the working rules of the Group. Meanwhile, the Group reported on the work of scientific and technological innovation in the 13th Five-year Plan and the planning of the mid-term and long-term science and technology development for the 14th Five-year Plan and the year of 2021-2035.

Governor Yin pointed out that since the 13th Five-year Plan, Sichuan Province has made solid progress in scientific and technological innovation and achieved good results.However,there still exist some problems such as weak capacity of independent innovation, insufficient industrial technology support and insufficient investment in research and development. Next, in accordance with targets and tasks set in the 13th Five-year Plan, we need to focus on our weaknesses, carefully analyze the problems and step up our efforts to implement the key work of scientific and technological innovation. First, we need to lay emphasis on the construction of carriers for innovation. Under this requirement, we should promote the construction of Mianyang Science and Technology City and Tianfu New Area Science City, keep striving for the settlement of national major science and technology infrastructure in Sichuan, and continuously improve the province's ability in scientific and technological innovation. Second, we should attach importance to industrial technology innovation and focus on key industrial projects in our province to promote technological breakthroughs in major industries and realize commercial transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and achieve key breakthroughs, so as to strengthen scientific and technological support for industrial development in Sichuan Province. Third, we need to carry out reform of the science and technology system, deepen the reform of the mixed ownership system for the ownership of scientific and technological achievements that are made by individuals holding positions in the agencies, accelerate the establishment of the evaluation system for science and technology, optimize the evaluation mechanism for scientific and technological projects, and improve the evaluation method for scientific and technological talents, aiming to further stimulate the innovation and creativity of the whole society.

Yin Li also stressed that the implementation of 14th Five-year Plan and mid-term and long-term scientific and technological innovation is crucial to the future development of Sichuan. And it is necessary to focus on the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the strategic direction of industrial transformation in the world. In line with national development strategies and actual development of Sichuan Province, we should focus on key areas such as information technology, life science, artificial intelligence, and ecological and environmental protection. Relying on fiscal, financial and talent support, we should make plans as early as possible and carry out the planning work in a scientific way to provide a targeted and practical guidance for our province to carry out scientific and technological innovation for some time to come.

Yin Li asked the Group and the sub-departments to give full play to the role of organizational guarantee and guide all organizations such as enterprises and scientific research institutions to actively participate in the task to pool strong forces to promote scientific and technological innovation. We need continue to deepen cooperation between provinces and ministries, among regions, and between Chinese Academy of Sciences and local agencies, and promote the consultation mechanism between Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department and the People's Government of Sichuan Province and among departments, so as to boost collaborative innovation and open cooperation. At the same time, we need to encourage bold explorations and breakthroughs, strengthen publicity guidance and policy guarantee to attract more innovative talents from home and abroad to propel the development of Sichuan with their remarkable ability.

Wang Ning and Yang Xingping, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, and Luo Qiang, Mayor of Chengdu, as well as heads of provincial departments attended the meeting, too.

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