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Briefing on Sichuan’s Post-disaster Reconstruction Given by Wei Hong in the News Conference Held by the State Council I

  It has been more than three years since the launching of post-disaster reconstruction after Wenchuan Great Earthquake. Three years ago during the “two sessions”, we reported the relief work conditions and implementation of post-disaster reconstruction. Today, before the opening of “two sessions”, on behalf of Sichuan provincial Party committee and Sichuan provincial people’s government, I report to the whole nation that the post-disaster reconstruction of Sichuan has been completed. So far, 99% of the 29,692 projects of Sichuan that are included in national post-disaster reconstruction overall planning have been finished. 99.5% of the 865.8 billion yuan fund has been utilized. At the same time, 13,647 projects in 12 worst-hit counties and 91 less-hit counties have been almost completed. In three years, the fund used for reconstruction and redevelopment in a total 142 quake-stricken counties amounts to 1700 billion yuan. The few projects haven’t been finished are mostly due to secondary disaster and second time disaster. As to projects with huge amount of work and long construction term as well as some particular projects aided by Hong Kong and Macao, local governments are sparing no effort to boost the implementation of those projects.

  In accordance with the goals put forward in the Overall Planning of Wenchuan Earthquake Post-disaster Reconstruction issued by the State Council, under the guidance of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, with great support from people in the whole nation, Sichuan people have fulfilled tasks required in the planning through three year’s endeavor. We solved housing rebuilt problems for over 5,400,000 households, that is, more than 12 million urban and rural residents. We realized “every family has a house to live in” one year ahead of time. We properly solved relocation problem for 200,000 farmers who lost their lands. We helped over 1,700,000 people to obtain employment and thus eliminated “zero-employment” families and realized “every household gets a job”. We paid great attention to the livelihood of people straitened by the earthquake. Policy support and aid in work were given to 9,524 worst-hit households, 1,449 childless elderly, orphans and disabled as well as over 27,000 wounded, basically realizing “everyone gets guarantee”. In 142 disaster-hit counties, 8,283 schools and 2,292 medical treatment and public health organs were renovated or rebuilt with high standard and high quality. A bunch of fully functional social welfare houses, community service centers and cultural centers were newly built, realizing “upgrading of facilities”. We treated 2,334 severe geological disasters, reclaimed over 2 million mu farmland and recovered about 4.5 million mu vegetation, realizing “improvement of ecology”. Especially, we integrated reconstruction with industrialization and urbanization with new socialist countryside building as well as industrial optimization and upgrading to realize “growth of economy”. Last year, the gross regional product, general budget revenue of local finance, urban per capita disposable income and rural per capita net income of 6 worst-hit cities (prefectures) are 1.95, 2.39, 1.7 and 1.75 times respectively as much as that before earthquake in 2007. Basic living conditions and both social and economic development level in quake-stricken areas have totally surpassed the level before earthquake.

  In the three years after Wenchuan Earthquake, we followed Party Central Committee’s requirement of “attaching equal importance to relief work as well as economic and social development” and sought opportunities in this disaster and turned crisis into opportunity. We arranged post-disaster reconstruction, promoted economic and social development, made substantial moves in “speeding up the building of beautiful new homeland and western economic development highland” and opened up a path of “accelerating-enhancing-improving” with strong mind in this predicament. We achieved “great economic development”. From 2007 to 2011, the economic aggregate of Sichuan doubled in four years and broke through 2000 billion yuan last year. General budget revenue of local finance doubled in three years and exceeded 200 billion yuan last year. We also won “breakthrough in transportation”. The mileage of expressways both completed and under construction amounts to over 6,500 kilometers, ranking No.2 in China. The mileage of railways both completed and under construction is approaching 6,000 kilometers, ranking No.4 in China. The main structure of western comprehensive transportation hub is taking shape. We also put great efforts in “great adjustment of structure”. A great number of key industrial parks, key industries and industrial clusters are rising. A great number of multi-billion industrial belts and industrial parks are growing rapidly. Competitive industries such as electronic information, automobile manufacturing, oil gas and chemical industry, new energy, and so on are enjoying accelerated growth. Industrial concentration ratio of Sichuan has been raised to 64%. Competitive industries gained hundred-billion growth yearly in consecutive four year. Industries above designated size grew by 22.3% last year, ranking No.2 in China.

  We carried forward “improvement of people’s livelihood”. Last year, 297.5 billion yuan governmental fund was put in safeguarding and improving people’s livelihood, taking up 63.6% of financial expenditure of Sichuan. More than 100 billion of this fund was applied to “ten projects regarding people’s livelihood” that covered the most concerned problems in people’s lives and work. We carried out “three major projects regarding people’s livelihood” in Zang habitations. Since 2009, over 18 billion yuan has been used to implement herdsmen settlement plan. 1,409 herdsmen villages were built and an accumulative 28,000 students were enrolled for “9 3” free education in three years. In Yi habitations, Liangshan comprehensive poverty relief work was carried out. The building of 404 “new Yi villages” was launched. We quickened steps of “opening wider to the outside world”. At present, there are 173 world top 500 foreign enterprises in Sichuan. 700 billion yuan domestic fund and 11 billion dollars foreign capital have been drawn last year, setting a record in foreign capital utilization. Import and export value of trade in goods increased by 54.8% last year. In three years, though suffered from the catastrophe of Wenchuan earthquake and strike of global financial crisis, Sichuan didn’t collapse, Sichuan’s economy didn’t collapse and the spirit of Sichuan people didn’t collapse. The social and economic development of Sichuan is presenting a brand new outlook.

  After the Wenchuan Earthquake, the whole nation paid close attention and gave great support to Sichuan. We deeply felt the warmth from this big family. Here, on behalf of Sichuan provincial Party committee, Sichuan provincial government and 90 million Sichuan people, I sincerely thank people in the whole nation and overseas compatriots for your love towards Sichuan people. I sincerely thank other provinces, especially 18 one-for-one provinces, cities, Hong Kong and Macao for your great help in rebuilding our homeland. My gratitude also goes to friends in press circles for your strong support in varied ways. We Sichuan people will always remember this and will always feel grateful.

  At the same time, we are soberly aware of the fact that it is still a very long way to go before we realizing “build the world another splendid Bashu” in vast and less-developed quake-stricken areas. We will further implement Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas revitalization planning on current basis. Key attention will be paid to industrial development, employment promotion, poverty relief, ecological protection and social construction. We will strive to build quake-stricken areas into beautiful new homeland where people can enjoy their lives and work, where urban and rural areas enjoy common prosperity and where men are living harmoniously with nature. We sincerely hope all friends will keep caring for disaster-hit areas, keep paying attention to Sichuan and keep supporting Sichuan.

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