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Peng Qinghua Chairs the 11th Meeting of the Finance and Economy Commission of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee

  On October 20, the 11th meeting of the Finance and Economy Commission of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee was held. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Director of the Finance and Economy Commission, presided over the meeting and made a speech. He stressed the need to firmly follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, conscientiously implement the fundamental policies of the CPC Central Committee and the decisions and plans of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee. With the strategic determination and confidence in development, we should make every effort to complete the main objectives and tasks of economic and social development for the whole year and focus on addressing outstanding problems and weak links in economic operation with the problem-oriented and goal-oriented approaches.

  Huang Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, Governor of the People's Government of Sichuan Province, and Deputy Director of the Finance and Economy Commission of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, attended the meeting.

  Attendees at the meeting also listened to the report on the implementation of tasks approved at the 10th meeting of the Finance and Economy Commission, the overall situation of the economic operation of Sichuan and Chengdu in the first three quarters, the analysis of the operation of the key areas and the measures to achieve the annual economic and social development goals, the report on the supply and demand situation of energy and electricity in this winter and the next spring, the problems that need to be solved and the work in the next step.

  The meeting pointed out that this year, in the face of the complex situation of macroeconomy, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Sichuan earnestly implemented the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and synchronized the regular pandemic prevention and control with economic and social development. By adhering to the principle of "stabilizing agriculture, strengthening industry, promoting consumption, expanding domestic demand, implementing projects, valuing innovation, making smooth circulation and improving quality", we have made every effort to make sure stability in six key areas and effectively meet six priorities. At present, as the economic operation in Sichuan has withstood the impact of external shocks and short-term fluctuations, the growth of major economic indicators has become more balanced. It has regained the positive potential growth, showing a good trend of stabilization and quality improvement. Now, there are only two months before the end of the year. At this critical final stretch, we must focus on the outstanding problems facing the economic operation in the fourth quarter, take targeted measures, and effectively enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of various tasks.

  The meeting pointed out that we should do everything possible to ensure the supply of electricity this winter and the next spring. With coordinated measures to increase revenue and reduce expenditures, we should guarantee a sufficient supply of coal in the thermal power stations and encourage hydropower stations to put forth their strength. The potential of a variety of clean energy sources should be explored while the supply and marketing cooperation with coal-producing provinces should be enhanced. According to the incentive measures issued by the state, it is necessary to fully leverage the productivity of coal enterprises and thermal power enterprises in Sichuan, so as to strive for sufficient electricity that can guarantee the power supply during the drought period. Meanwhile, the power operation scheduling should be optimized by reducing unreasonable power consumption, protecting electricity supply for the livelihood of the people, and resolutely guarding the bottom line of safety and stability. To build a safe and reliable energy supply guarantee system for Sichuan in the long run, we should plan a number of new power grid projects to support the medium and long-term power demand. It is required to make every effort to promote investment through project construction. With the aim of making the best of the working mechanisms, including “weekly monitoring, monthly scheduling, and quarterly check”, as well as mechanisms of "red and black lists" and “three databases and one list” for projects investment management, we will adopt "one-on-one" targeted approach in precise scheduling in cities (prefectures) and sectors, of which the investment growth rate is lower than the average number of the province. In addition, the government will give full play to the role of special government bonds to ensure that projects under construction will be completed and put into operation as early as possible, and that the construction of projects that should have been started will commence before the end of this year. It is required to adopt targeted policies respectively in the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. In terms of agriculture, we should ensure everything goes well with the harvest in autumn and farming in winter. It is also necessary to accelerate the construction of high-standard farmland, implement the ten measures to stabilize pig production, and effectively protect the interests of breeding enterprises and farmers. As for the industry, we should strengthen the collaboration of production, supply and marketing support, and make great efforts to complete the 100-day task of attracting investment in the manufacturing industry. With the aim of implementing the Policies on Further Supporting Scientific and Technological Innovation and its supporting policies, we will strengthen the operation of key enterprises, key industries and key parks. As for the service sector, we will promote the construction of "Three One-Hundred Projects" continuously, and carry out in-depth "Double Ten" cultivation and upgrading action. Effective measures should be taken to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, and consolidate the recovery of the service sector. It is required to make full use of the key consumption periods before the end of the year. This requires us to make good use of the major consumption promotion activities, speed up the compensation for consumption related to culture and tourism. Organizing various activities for the benefit of the people, such as "Household Appliances to the Countryside" and "Cars to the Countryside", will further improve the rural logistics system, and continue to stimulate urban and rural consumption potential.

  The meeting also pointed out that the growth momentum of foreign investment and foreign trade should be stabilized. It is necessary to give full play to pilot free trade zones, special customs supervision areas, international cooperation parks and all kinds of development zones, so as to promote the construction of new foreign trade infrastructure, hold investment promotion activities, and attract more big enterprises and projects to Sichuan. It is required to prioritize ecological conservation and boost green development. To make rectifications according to the feedback from the central ecological and environmental protection inspectors, we will strive to prevent and control pollution and continue to improve the quality of the ecological environment. The goal of implementing controls over both the quantity and intensity of energy in Sichuan has been examined scientifically so that we can vigorously develop green low-carbon advantageous industries, and promote the overall green transformation of economic and social development. It is required to integrate development and security. While making clear the main responsibility of enterprises' safety production, we will also implement a new round of forest and grassland fire prevention and deployment this winter and the next spring, and ensure pandemic prevention and control and vaccination. With the aim of completing 30 tasks for people's livelihood, we will visit people in straitened circumstances from the end of the year to the beginning of the next year so as to improve the people's sense of well-being and security.

  The meeting stressed the heavy and demanding task to be finished before the end of the year. Officials and cadres at all levels, especially the provincial officials, should focus on the areas under their charge and make concerted efforts to make breakthroughs in a bid to achieve the annual goal. All of them are required to participate in arranging tasks, advancing major projects, supervising the implementation of major policies, checking the process of addressing issues, and coordinating critical links. All departments in different places should further check the shortcomings against the work plan at the beginning of the year, and establish a task ledger and a list of problems that can be used to check the progress. In this way can we promote the work of this year and make achievements more effectively with more outstanding performance.

  Other attendees included members of the Finance and Economy Commission of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, relevant provincial officials, and heads of relevant provincial departments and some central departments in Sichuan.

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