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Huang Qiang Chairs the 84th Executive Meeting of the People's Government of Sichuan Province

  On October 13, Huang Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Governor of the People's Government of Sichuan Province, chaired the 84th Executive Meeting of the People's Government of Sichuan Province in order to convey and learn the guiding principles of the keynote speech and important instructions by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Leaders' Summit of the 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 15), and study and arrange the work regarding firefighting progress, development of digital economy, and supply guarantee of power and coal used for power generation.

  The meeting stressed that maintaining national ecological security is not only a major responsibility but also a major opportunity for Sichuan. We should deeply study and implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important remarks, fulfill all decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in a well-rounded manner, resolutely put relevant national and provincial plans into practice, stay committed to the problem-oriented principle and a list-based management mechanism, ramp up inter-provincial synergy and linkage, promote the construction of the Giant Panda National Park and the establishment of Ruoergai National Park at a high level, improve biodiversity protection in all respects, keep on advancing ecological progress and eco-environmental protection, and strive to explore a new win-win path for mutual promotion between social development and environmental protection.

  After listening to the reports on the supply guarantee of power and coal for power generation across the province, the meeting stressed that all parties involved should earnestly study and comprehend and resolutely implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping' s important instructions, carefully fulfill the plans of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council as well as the requirements of Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, think in terms of the broader picture, ensure the bottom line of safety, and shoulder respective responsibilities, so as to satisfy the demand of the people and economic and social development for power. We should redouble efforts in tapping more potential in coal exploitation in the province, increase input for purchasing coal and power resources from external sources, improve orderly power use plan, and adhere to guarantee and control mixed measure, strengthen power demand regulation and management and carry out positive publicity to guide and raise people’s awareness of saving up electric power. We should also formulate a plan for long-term development, speed up the construction of power supply facilities to put them into operation as soon as possible, accelerate the establishment of natural gas power and power transmission projects, put more efforts in developing new energy such as hydro power, wind power and light energy, take an active part in support relevant power stations to reserve electricity as much as possible in the province and speed up to transform provincial advantage of abundant clean energy into a stronger momentum for quality development.

  As highlighted in the 14th Five Year Plan of Sichuan for Development of Digital Economy which was reviewed and approved in the meeting, we should seize the development opportunities, fully exert the effect of our basic advantages, focus on major industries with core competitiveness, aim at making breakthroughs in key technologies in the country, strengthen ability in achieving technological breakthroughs and continuous to leap over institutional barriers with institutional innovation, to further make more valuable and original achievements and give more impetus to developing Sichuan into a new highland of digital economic development in China.

  The 14th Five Year Plan of Sichuan for Firefighting Progress was also discussed and passed in the meeting and it’s underlined that we should set up the idea of safety development and bear it in mind, give first place to preventive strategy, concentrate on making up weakness and blind areas, facilitate the establishment of national emergency rescue center in southwest China, reinforce the application of high-resolution satellites, quicken the construction of general aviation airports and building-up of air rescue forces, enhance strength system establishment among “national teams” and “regional teams”, and improve ability and level of fire protection and emergency rescue with all strength.

  Under the approval of the meeting, the Master Plan for Integrated Development of Neijing and Zigong Cities also required that all parties should thoroughly consolidate resources in both places, stay committed to deepening reform and expanding opening-up to a larger scale, explore and push on reform in moderate separation of economic zones and administrative regions and insist on the principles of co-construction, sharing and integration to realize an effect of “1+1>2”.

  Attendees at the meeting also listened to the reports on intellectual property right in the province.

  Other matters were also discussed at the meeting.

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