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Sichuan Rolls Out The “14th Five-Year Plan” for the Development of Bio-economy

  According to Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, it’s proposed in the officially issued The “14th Five-Year Plan” for the Development of Bio-economy in Sichuan Province that by 2025, the province will realize a bio-economic scale exceeding 1.5 trillion yuan, a significantly upgraded capability of biological innovation, a much more prominent role of bio-industry playing in the modern industrial system, further enhanced abilities of bio-safety risks prevention, control and governance, an improved bio-economic system and an active progress achieved amid the construction of a bio-economic highland. And by 2035, Sichuan will develop itself into an industrial pioneer of bio-economy with international competitiveness and regional impetus.

  But what is bio-economy? As defined in the Plan, bio-economy is an industry on the basis of development, advancement, popularization and application of life science and bio-technology. It focuses on bio-resources’ protection, development, allocation and utilization and provides bio-technological products and services, shaping a new economic form of production, circulation, distribution and consumption modes as well as institutional systems and covering a wide range of fields, including medicine, agriculture, forestry, energy, chemical industry, environmental protection, materials and health services.

  In 2020, Sichuan’s bio-economic scale reached about 1.24 trillion yuan and realized an average increase of 4.7% on a year basis during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, which helped to consolidate the foundation for bio-economic development. However, some weaknesses and problems are to be resolved in the course of bio-economic development in the province. For example, the development of bio-economy in Sichuan is still in its infancy, given its small bio-industrial scale, lack of major breakthroughs in originality of bio-technology, deficient bio-technological service system, insufficient conversion and application of new technologies and products, few leading enterprises in this field, inadequate integration with other industries and incomplete bio-resources protection and development system.

  In order to address the problems mentioned above, five major tasks have been stipulated in the Plan: First, it's required to improve the independent innovation capability in bio-industry, including strengthening basic researches and applied basic researches, making breakthroughs in key and core technologies, accelerating the establishment of high-level innovation platforms and vigorously cultivating innovative enterprises.

  Second, Sichuan should set up a modern bio-industrial system, which includes bio-agricultural optimization and upgrading, scaling-up of bio-medicine industry, innovative development of equipment industry for the medical health sector, cultivation and development of bio-energy and biological environmental protection industries, and growth of the bio-service industry in its size and strength.

  Third, a new model and a new business form of the bio-economy sector should be developed, which is comprised of driving the integration of bio-technology with manufacturing and digital industries and propelling the bio-technological application to benefit the public.

  Fourth, regional layout of bio-economy in the province should be optimized, like promoting inter-industrial agglomerated development in different regions, such as bio-medicine and medical health equipment in Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, biological liquor brewing and modern agriculture and forestry in South Sichuan Economic Zone, traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and modern pharmaceutical industry in Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone, fruits, vegetables and flowers and health care in Panxi Economic Zone, as well as ethnomedicine and characteristic agricultural and livestock products from plateau areas in Northwest Sichuan Ecological Demonstration Zone.

  Last, the bio-safety governance capability should be improved in respect of strategic bio-resources protection, bio-resources development and utilization as well as bio-safety management.

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