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Total Scientific Research Funding of Sichuan Universities in 2019 Tops 10 Billion

  Recently, the Ministry of Education of P.R.C. has concluded the review of the 2019 Annual Report of Science and Technology / Social Science Statistics of National Colleges and Universities. The data shows that the main indicators of scientific research in universities in Sichuan have witnessed sustained and rapid growth, and the overall S&T innovation capabilities of universities have been continuously enhanced.

  According to the report, the total annual scientific research funding exceeded 10 billion yuan. To be more specific, the funding for scientific research at all levels and of various types totaled 10.933 billion yuan in 2019, up 16.42% year-on-year. In this regard, the funding for basic research and applied basic research increased by 23.65%. Funding for the construction of platforms, talent teams, and "Double First-Class" and disciplines increased by 21%, 239%, 121%, respectively. It is self-evident that local universities' comprehensive capabilities, such as conducting cutting-edge basic research, major platform construction, high-level discipline development, high-level team construction, and undertaking major scientific research tasks, have been enhanced in an all-round way.

  Apart from that, the self-investment mechanism for the steady growth of colleges and universities was basically established. Statistics show that colleges and universities invested 1.202 billion yuan in scientific research, an increase of 28.97% year-on-year, suggesting that these institutions further underscore S&T innovation and social services, S&T platform construction, and connotative development.

  The number of authorized patents topped 10,000, and the capability of original innovation continued to ratchet up. The number of patents granted reached 10,724, up 11.40% year-on-year, demonstrating the transition of S&T innovation in colleges and universities from "introduction-absorption-re-innovation" to "independent innovation".

  In addition, academic level and international influence have been further improved. The papers included in the three retrieval systems (SCI, EI and ISTP) amounted to 32,700, a year-on-year increase of 21.75%, mirroring the rapid improvement of the leading role and breakthrough levels of S&T innovation in local universities.

  Remarkable results have come to fruition in the transfer and transformation of S&T achievements. Specifically, enterprises and industries directly transformed S&T achievements worth 4.16 billion yuan, up 16.23% year-on-year, and technology transfer contracts increased by 26.31%, with contract amount up 34.01%, and actual transfer income up 52.04%.

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