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Sichuan Will Launch 7 Consumption Actions to Boost New Consumption

  The Three-year Action Plan for Cultivating and Developing New Consumption in Sichuan Province (2020-2022) was officially launched on August 4 as an effective cure to dilute the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and as a move to foster and expand new consumption and further give play to the fundamental role of consumption in economic growth. According to the plan, Sichuan will go deeper to conduct seven major consumption actions, thus achieving its goal of consumption recovery and growth, booming new consumption and continuously improving consumption environment.

  To be specific, the seven consumption actions involve boosting cultural tourism consumption, speeding up information consumption, improving the quality of health consumption, taking new measures in promoting night consumption, giving play to the leading role of fashion consumption, upgrading conventional consumption and improving the consumption environment.

  All these actions are aimed at achieving the following objectives. The first aspect is to realize consumption recovery and growth and accelerating the recovery of restrained and frozen consumption, so as to realize the recovery and growth of total consumption across the province and a higher economic growth rate than national average. The second one is to create high-quality liveable places, and build Chengdu into a comprehensive international consumption center and a number of regional consumption centers with Bashu characteristics such as Mianyang, Nanchong and Yibin, in a bid to achieve the province's goal of total retail sales of consumer goods exceeding 2.2 trillion yuan and per capita consumer spending of urban and rural residents exceeding 30,000 yuan and 18,000 yuan respectively by 2022. The third one is to promote the flourishing new consumption, foster and strengthen new types of consumption and upgrade it. That will help increase the proportion of service consumption in per capita consumption expenditure of urban and rural residents to 50% by 2022, with information consumption exceeding 600 billion yuan and online retail sales exceeding 650 billion yuan. The last one is to keep the continuous improvement in consumption environment, operators' integrity, consumption satisfaction and safety and confortable consumption experience, thus contributing to generating notable results in building model cities for safe and comfortable consumption by 2022, with the overall consumer satisfaction index rising above 83 and the consumer confidence index above 120.

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