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Proportion of Days with Good Air Quality in Sichuan for First 9 Months Reaches 90.7%

  As of September 30, the proportion of good air quality days reached 90.7% in Sichuan, up two percentage points year on year, maintaining a good momentum of continuous improvement in air quality though more serious ozone pollution this year, according to the information from a video conference on air pollution prevention and control of Sichuan on November 2.

  Ozone pollution this year comes early and badly.Throughout the province in May, three of seven cities with exceeded zone concentrations were among the last 20 of the country's 168 key cities.In this case, a province-wide effort to constrain ozone pollution was made. Sichuan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment provided technical solutions and guidance for ozone monitoring stations in 10 key cities from July to September. 1,862 problems were founded and solved at 874 ozone monitoring stations, turning the air quality around.

  Thanks to the effort above, as of September 30, the average ozone concentration in Sichuan was 142.7 mgper cubic meter, 3.8 mg per cubic meter lower than first six months. The number of days led by ozone as the primary pollutant above the standard was 15.1 days, 5.2 days less than first six months.The proportion of good air quality reached 90.7%, up three percentage points than that in first six months.

  Moreover, in September, nine cities of Sichuan were listed in top 20 of domestic 168 cities at prefectural level and above in terms of quality, setting a new record high.

  A principal from Sichuan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment expressed that the effective measures for improving air quality successfully laid a good foundation for achieving the annual targets and tasks. Further efforts including regional coordinated prevention and control over air pollution, and timely update of air pollution sources list and emergency emission reduction list to tackle air pollution in autumn and winter will be made to avoid heavy pollution in autumn and winter this year.

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