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Sichuan Initiate "Mass Visiting" Activities for Targeted Assistance

  Sichuan is about to launch "Mass Visiting" activities for targeted assistance, aiming to do a good job in its construction of the poverty-stricken households for “review” and “retrospective assistance” to strengthen the refined management of poverty alleviation work, and consolidate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. The reporterlearned from the training mobilization meeting of Sichuan’s "Mass Visiting" activities for targeted assistanceheld from March 19th to 20th.

  According to the arrangement, the "Mass Visiting"campaign involves the resident team, the head secretary, the assisting cadres and the rural cadres, with the visiting target being 6.25 million poor households on record, 11,501 poor villages and thenon-poor villages stationedwith a head secretary. Before the end of May this year, the local resident team and assisting cadres should employ the upgraded and improved poverty alleviation big data platform to further consolidate the basic work and improve the effectiveness of poverty relief and alleviation.

  The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Bureau of Poverty Alleviation and Development said that this is the first time for Sichuan to launchthe "Mass Visiting" activity for targeted assistance. The problem-oriented activities will focus on unsolidlocal infrastructure work, inaccurate project and funding arrangements, poor targeted assistance measures and the repeated labor of grassroots cadres. In carrying out the activities, we must work hard to ease the burden at the grassroots level; we must make full use of the smart role played by the big data platform for poverty alleviation, and reduce the burden of repetitive work at the grassroots level and formfillings; we should make it an important measure to turn the fight against poverty into a struggle to improve work conduct, and takethe "Mass Visiting" activity as an important opportunity to ease the "burden at grassroots levels" and to transform poverty alleviation from "hard work" to "technical work".

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