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Sichuan: Accessing Government Services Should Be as Easy as "Online Shopping"

An overall e-platform for accessing government services was shaped, and an all-weather government service model was released. Recently, Sichuan Province issued the Special Action Plan for Sichuan Province to Push for "One E-platform for Accessing Government Services"("the Action Plan"), aiming to solve problems like inconsistency of government service standards, defective platform functions, inadequate data sharing, and inconvenience in accessing government services.

It is among the multiple measures of Sichuan Province in deepening the reform of delegating power, streamlining administration and optimizing government services to improve business environment. The comprehensive implementation of the "e-platform" has replaced the previous off-line visit with on-line visit in accessing government services, making enterprises and the people become the supervisors, drivers, and beneficiaries of the reform.

12 Specific Measures in Deepening "Internet + Government Services"

In order to further strengthen "internet + government services", the Action Plan comes with 12 specific measures, including: expanding the width and depth of on-line government services, making breakthroughs in cross-departmental coordinated review and approval and coordinated handling of matters subject to examination and approval, building an overall portal of "e-platform", and shaping a mobile service brand in Sichuan.

"Before we formulated the Action Plan, we made surveys in Chengdu, Deyang, Ya'an, and other places. Meanwhile, we benchmarked the current platform building and progress of Sichuan Province against national online government service capability evaluation index and the practices of the top 5 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) countrywide in terms of "e-platform", and combed through problems in Sichuan Province. According to relevant responsible person of the E-government Department of the General Office of Sichuan Provincial Government, "e-platform" means that enterprises and the people can access all off-line and on-line government services via one network platform with one visit, and realize "affairs handling in one time".

The problem-oriented Action Plan focuses on difficulties, pain points, and obstacles when the people and enterprises seek to access government services. By reshaping business process, optimizing platform integration, and making overall efforts in implementation, the Action Plan seeks to break down information islands and data barriers, eliminate impediments and inefficiency, in a way to make the access of government services as easy as on-line shopping.

In order to expand the width and depth of on-line government services, the Action Plan clearly points out that efforts should be made to include all matters subject to administrative power and more public service matters into the provincial integrated government service platform, integrate traffic violation fee payment, educational expenses payment and other personal non-tax matters, and fee payment for public service matters into provincial unified payment platform, and include more matters into the "e-government delivery" unitedly paid by the government. More government services will be extended to community level; self-service terminals, banks, postal offices, and other enterprise networks will be used to handle matters; all-weather government service model will be launched to make government services more diverse, multi-channeled, and convenient.

To accelerate offline-online integration, more efforts will be made to push for the resource integration of "12345" government service hot line, and realize consulting, complaining, seeking help, and offering suggestions via one telephone number, so as to form closed-loop management from answering the phone, handling, filing, to publicizing and shape "general customer service" in terms of government services.

Pushing for the Application of E-certification

To address major concerns of enterprises and the people and deliver phased results of business environment reform, the Action Plan points out that national standards will be followed to improve the implementation list of government service matters, further clarify executors, refine matter handling and government service guide, and push for the standardization of basic information.

The application of e-certification is a big innovation of "e-platform". The Action Plan notes that the provincial unified e-certification basic library should be used to make physical certification go digital in all places and all departments (institutions). The information of existing, valid certifications will be completely collected into e-certification library, new paper certifications and e-certification will be issued in sync, and the on-site show and application of e-certification will be pushed in a law-based manner.

"In the future, users can log in Sichuan Province Integrated Government Service Platform via PC or mobile device. They can inquire information of certifications related to applicants. With the use is authorized, automatic mapping will be realized." According to the responsible person, now e-certifications and e-materials with e-seal can be used to access government services, and e-certifications and paper certifications have equal legal effect. Therefore, the widespread production and use of e-seal, the building of e-seal public service platform oriented toward natural persons and legal persons, and encouraging enterprises and the people to use e-seal and e-signature are of great significance to the efforts of reducing paper material submission and the number of visits to government departments.

"Prior to late December this year, except for matters provided otherwise by laws and regulations and matters related to national secrets, all government services at provincial, municipal, and county levels can be accessed online." According to the Action Plan, Sichuan Province will make comprehensive upgrade of and benchmark it against the requirements of national government service portal, clean up the columns, halls, and pages of government service websites of all places and departments, and shape a general "e-platform" with unified logo, pages, and style, said the responsible person.

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