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Five Regions in Sichuan Province win National Award for Seed Production

Recently, according to the sources with Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zitong County,Anzhou district of Mianyang City,Luojiang District of DeyangCity, Qionglai City and Dongpo District of Meishan City in Sichuan Province won national award for seed production. Each region will receive an incentive award of RMB 14 million. Meanwhile,Zhaojue County, a seed production base of potato, was included in the new round of national award for seed production, and will be subsidized by the central government with RMB 20 million every year, totaling RMB 60 million for three consecutive years. The subsidies will mainly aim at improving the infrastructure of seed production bases, enhancing supervision service, and strengthening the test and demonstration of new varieties.

Sichuan Province is the main production base of hybrid rice seeds. Mianyang City, Qionglai City, Pengshan District and DongpoDistrict of Meishan City, Luojiang District of Deyang City, Anzhou District, Jiangyou City and Zitong County of Mianyang City, Luxian County have been designated as a national-level county (city, district) for hybrid rice seed production. Xichang City is the only national hybrid corn seed production base in the south of China. And Zhaojue County, Youxian District of Mianyang City, Mingshan District of Ya'an City and Yanjiang District of Ziyang City have been identified as regional seed breeding bases of potato, vegetable, tea and citrus, respectively.

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