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Summer Grain Yield of Sichuan Province Remains Steady and Slightly Increases in 2019

  According to the data release on 2019 summer grain production by National Bureau of Statistics based on investigations conducted by Sichuan Investigation Team under the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, the yield of summer grain in Sichuan Province was stable and slightly increased to 4.229 million tons, with an increase of 34,000 tons over the previous year and a year-on-year increase of 0.8%. Of these, the yield of cereals was 2.485 million tons, beans 302,000 tons and potatoes 1.442 million tons.

  "This year, the yield of summer grain in Sichuan Province was stable and slightly increased, mainly due to a slight decrease in acreage and higher yield per mu." In recent years, across the province the supply-side structural reform of agriculture has been actively promoted, striving to adjust and optimize the agricultural production structure. As a result, the acreage of grain decreased slightly, and the acreage of high quality and efficient crops saw an increase, according to a person at the helm of Sichuan Investigation Team under the National Bureau of Statistics. Data show that in 2019, summer grain area was 16,551,300 mu, down 146,700 mu from the previous year. Of these, grain and wheat acreage saw a year-on-year decrease, and beans and potatoes acreage increased year on year.

  Notably, the summer grain yield per unit increased significantly across the province. According to the data, the summer grain yield this year was 255.5 kg/mu, 4.3 kg/mu higher than the previous year.

  The person from the investigation team noted the increase in summer grain yield per mu was closely related to the continuous increase in agricultural production input and change in planting patterns. "This year, wheat yield per mu witnessed a growth of 3.4%, which is mainly attributed to such measures as reducing wheat inter-planting acreage, expanding net planting and generally increasing planting density".

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