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Sichuan toIntroduce a Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of 5G Industry

  Together with issuing 5G commercial licenses, Sichuan will introduce a three-year action plan for the development of 5G industry. Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Office of Economy and Information introduced that 5G network will be introduced in key areas such as Chengdu's main urban zone and some government agencies and scenic spots by the end of this yearaccording to theplans of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and other operators.

  Leading the country in5G demonstrative application

  In the past two years, Sichuan has deployed 5G demonstrative applications and walked at the forefront in this regard. As of the end of May, Sichuan's three major operators, namelyChina Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, have built a total of 970 5G base stations, which is expected to grow to 1,285 in June. These base stations were mainly deployed in Chengdu Chunxi Road shopping district, Taikooli, Shuangliu Airport, and High-Tech Zones, Second Ring Skyway, Xinglong Lake, Renmin South Road, 3rd Tianfu Street to 5th TianfuStreet and others. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information, the following demonstration projects have been under construction,including demonstrative 5G businessbock in Taikooli, 5G signal coverage in Chengdu Second Ring Road, 5G+8K Jinjiang Night Browse, 5G Smart Airport, 5G Smart Firefighting, and 5G HD live broadcast at Wolong Giant Panda Base.

  The reporter learned from the Electronic Information Office of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information that theSichuan Province 5G Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022) has been finalized and will be published to solicit public comments. The action plan will further clarify the guiding ideology, development goals, key tasks and safeguard measures to develop 5G industry in Sichuan in the next three years.At present, Chengdu has issued the 5G Industry Development Plan and Some Policies and Measures to Promote the Accelerated Development of the 5G Industry and established the Chengdu 5G Industry Alliance.

  Exploring "5G plus" in a comprehensive way

  "The construction of large-scale base stations will exert a direct impact on the core electronic components, high-speed optical modules and intelligent terminal industries." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information introduced that there are manyenterprise that develops and produces the core electronic components such as filters and power amplifiers necessary for 5G base station constructions in the province. Upgrading the network by station construction will directly drive the performance of such enterprises. In addition, it will bring new growth momentums to some smart phone manufacturers such as mobile phones and tablets.

  In order to promote the large-scale commercial use of 5G base stations, the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology is working hard to formulate specific measures to reduce the base station electricity charges. It is exploring 5G's application standards in ultra-high-definition video, smart transportation, industrial Internet and other fields, which still figures as a current top priority. Sichuan has issued an action plan for the development of ultra-high-definition video industry, striving to exceed 350 billion yuan in 2022. Building a 5G mobile communication network represents an important task of this plan.

  “For 5G plus smart transport, car networking and drone transport will constitute its two important application cases in Sichuan.” The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information said that the Sino-German Intelligent Networked Automobile Sichuan Test Base has been launched, planning tobuild 200 square kilometers of intelligent transportation ecosystem by 2025. In addition, "5G + Beidou + drone freight" will help speed up transport and logistics in highland areas and some mountainous areas of Sichuan, which would form a Sichuan-style application case. At present, relevant drone companies and logistics companies in Sichuan have begun their exploration and made successful trials.

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