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Sichuan Province Started a Combat for Pollution Prevention and Control in Key Counties (Cities, Districts)

  On June 3rd, the reporter learned from the regular press conference held in the second quarter of 2019 held by the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment that Sichuan issued a Work Plan for the MatchingofKey Counties (Cities, Districts) in Sichuan Province for Pollution Prevention and Control. A list of 22key counties (cities, districts) for pollution prevention and control will be created. This means that Sichuan will officially launch the combat for pollution prevention and control in these 22 key counties (cities, districts).

  At the press conference, according to the "review" situation of the central and provincial eco-environmental protection inspectors, combined with the pollution condition in water, atmosphere, soil, rural areal source, solid waste, heavy metals, it has been made clear that 22 key counties (cities, districts) including Gongjing District of Zigong City,Mianzhu City,Pengxi County and Weiyuan County to be identified as key target for pollution prevention and control in the province.

  Sichuan will form work teams composed of provincial-governed departments, research institutes and institutions of higher learning to attract large state-owned enterprises and social capital investment in a market-oriented manner, and implement pair combatbetween the 22 key counties (cities, districts). We willfocus on regional pollution, watershed pollution, rural areal source pollution, soil heavy metal pollution, infrastructure construction lag and environmental risk management and control so as to fully promote the task of pollution prevention and control in these 22 areas to steadily improve the ecological environment.

  In order to give full play to the policy advantages of provincial-related departments, and to the technical expertise of research institutes and universities, the plan has made it clear that the combat would be guided by provincial departments such as the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment and the Provincial Commission of Development and Reform to lead six universities including Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Chengdu University of Technology, and Chengdu University of Information Technology, as well as five research institutes, includingthe Provincial Institute of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, the ProvincialManagement Centerfor Solid Waste and Chemicals, the Provincial Research Institute for Industrial Environmental Monitoring, the Provincial Research Institute for Building Materials Industry, and the EnvironmentalPolicy Research and Planning Institute, to participate in this combat.

  The main tasks of the working group can be divided into four groups includingeffective implementation of pollution control and prevention decisions and deployments, accurate identification of regional ecological and environmental problems, providence of technical guidance, and strengthening the integration of resources. In principle, the working group will go to the key counties (cities, districts) and offer on-spot guidance every month to help the better identify their unique problems and take targeted measures. At the same time, we will work out major problems, explore effective and feasible experience models, function as a leading force, and help the whole province to exercise pollution prevention and control.

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