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The Site Promotion Meetingfor the Pilot Action of "Learning Putonghua at Preschool" Was Held in Liangshan

  On June 4th, the site promotion meeting for the pilot action of "Learning Putonghua at Preschool" was held inLeibo County, Liangshan Prefecture. Mr. Liu Yongfu, Director of theOffice of Poverty Alleviationof the State Council, and Mr. Yin Li,DVice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Governor of People’s Government of Sichuan Province,attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

  Mr. Liu Yongfu pointed out that the pilot campaignof "Learning Putonghua at Preschool" is a great gift given to the children of Yi ethnic group inLiangshan by the party, the government and all sectors of society. This campaign will have a profound impact on their lives. The pilot project has secured initial achievements in the past year, but there are still problems such as unbalanced work, unstable teams, inadequate basic conditions, and lagged management. Going forward, we willfirst launch this pilot program across Liangshan Prefecture and fully include the 230,000 children enrolled in preschools, and extend to the Mabian and E’biancounties of Leshan. Second, we will continue toreview and improve all aspects of the program, optimize and enhance teaching methods, and summarize and promote typical experiences. Third, we will improve the remuneration packages of counselors, help them solve practical difficulties at work, and create better development prospects for them. Four, we willprovide nutritional lunch for children in a variety of ways, to ensure that children enjoy nutritional, safe, healthy and wholesome lunch that could meet the subsidy standards for primary schools. Five, we will improve young children’s capability of Putonghua speaking and make sure those who are about to enterprimary school could meet the standards. Six, wewill create a supportiveenvironment with overall understanding of the society, recognition of the general public, and wide participation of everyone. Seven, we will further strengthen organization and leadership. We are tostrengthen the responsibility system with “National support, provincial coordination, prefecturetaking the overallresponsibility, county exercising unified management, rural villages conducting implementation, social participation, and technical support from professional institutions” to jointly enable the all-round development of our children and contribute more to the poverty alleviation of Liangshan Prefecture.

  Mr. Yin Li pointed out that Sichuan has implemented the central government'sdecisions and deployments on poverty alleviation and development, adhered to targeted application of measures, and carried out the campaign of "Learning Putonghua at Pre-school" in Liangshan. Remarkable results have been achieved, which has greatly improved children's command of Putonghua, laid a solidfoundation for compulsory education, changed thebackwardconcepts of Yi minority in poor region, and stopped the intergenerational transmission of poverty. Going forward, Sichuan will implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the symposium on solving the outstanding problems of "two worry-frees and three guarantees". In accordance with the deployment of the conference, with the support of relevant central ministries and commissions, we will consolidate the achievements of the pilotreform and focus on resolving problems, so as to make a greater contribution to winning the battle of targeted poverty alleviation if poverty-stricken areas of Liangshan. Liangshan Prefecture and LiangshanCounty should fulfill their main responsibilities, plan and construct preschool locations for children in a scientific manner, andstrengthen areas of weaknessesin infrastructure and insufficient conditions, in an effort to promote the overall improvement of preschool education level in Liangshan. It is necessary to strengthen the selection and training of bilingual preschool teachers, and conduct real-time testsfor pre-school children to assesstheir Putonghua in order to achieve practical results. It is necessary to make good use of farmers' night schools, TV broadcasts and other platforms to guide the masses of the Yi minority to speak Putonghua and create a good language environment for preschool children to learn Putonghua. Relevant provincialdepartments and units should provide more support and guidance to help solve problems along the way in a timely manner.

  In May last year, the Office of Poverty Alleviation of the State Council and the Ministry of Education launched a pilot program of “Learning Putonghua at Pre-school” in ethnic minority areas of Liangshan Prefecture. Liangshan Prefecture, Xide County, Leibo County, Beijing Huayan Company, Beijing Sanhao Company, and China Poverty Alleviation Volunteer Service Promotion Association gave reports on the progress and fruits of thepilot reform work of last year. Representatives from the GuangdongOffice of Poverty Alleviation, the BeijingSupport Officeof Poverty Alleviation, and the counselors at the villages in Foshan City and Liangshan Prefecture made exchange speeches at the meeting.

  Mr. Xia Gengsheng, Deputy Director of the Office of Poverty Alleviation of the State Council, Mr. QumuShiha, Member of the Provincial Party Committeeof the CPC, Mr. Lin Shucheng, Vice Chairman of the Provincial CPPCC, and head of relevant state ministries and commissions and relevant provincial departments attended the meeting.

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