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Tianfu "Sanxingdui-Jiuzhaigou-Giant Panda" Chengdu-Deyang Special Tourist Line for National Treasure Officially Opened

  Chengdu and Deyang joined efforts to promote Sanxingdui, Jiuzhaigou, and Giant Panda of Tianfu. On May 5th, the opening ceremony of Tianfu "Sanxingdui-Jiuzhaigou-Giant Panda" Chengdu-Deyang Special Tourist Line for National Treasure was held at the Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan City.

  The total length of the Chengdu-Deyang Tourist Line is 60 kilometers. It runs two-way across Chengdu and Deyang. It connects Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and Guanghan Sanxingdui Museum. Tourists can visitall three attractions in one ride.

  The Opinions on Developing Cultural Tourism and Accelerating the Construction of Sichuan into a MajorProvinceof Cultural Tourism issued by the province recently proposed that the construction of the giant panda culture, the ancient civilization and the Tianfu culture will be the economic tourism belt of Chengdu. Chengdu and Deyanghave carried out the spirit of opinions and jointly launched the Chengdu-DeyangTourist Line based on public transportation.

  During its early operation, it was scheduledto run from Chengdu to Deyang twice a day, and Deyang to Chengdu once a day. Each ride wouldtake about 1 hour. The line also passes Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley, Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall, Jinli, Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage and other attractions. There the goal ofseeing through the main attractions of the two places is realized. During the operation period, the special line will be timely adjusted according to the passenger flow, and the travel time of tourists at the two places.

  Mr. Wang Yihong, Vice Governor of People’s Government of Sichuan Province, attended the ceremony and announced the opening ofTianfu "Sanxingdui-Jiuzhaigou-Giant Panda" Chengdu-Deyang Special Tourist Line for National Treasure.

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