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The Road Maker and Name of 33SichuanHighways Is to Be Adjusted

  Sichuan's naming, marking and mileage stationing mechanism for expresswaysis to be officially adjustedstarting from April 15th. This project is expected to be finished at the end of May. At that time, map navigation software such as Baidu and Gaode will be updated accordingly.

  The adjustment process coversall operating expressways in Sichuan Province and mainlyfocuses on the naming, marking and the mileage stationingof highways, involving highway (exit) entrance, naming and marking method, direction confirmation, mileage station and other related signs. Among them, the name and road maker of 33 highways will be adjusted, including some sections that have been familiar to the public. For example, Chengdu Ring Roadis tobe changed from G4201 to G4202, and Chengdu Second Ring Road from G4202 to SA2. The name of the section of Chuanyujie-Longchangwill betransformedinto Yinchuan-Kunming Expressway, and Ya’an-Kangding Expressway into Ya’an-Kargilik Expressway.

  With the rapid development of highway construction in Sichuan Province, the original naming and marking system ofhighways has lagged behind. According to the relevant requirements of the Provincial Ministry of Transportation, Sichuan has decided to adjust the naming, marking and mileage stationing mechanism of highway networks. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Transportation said that through the adjustment, we will build a unified, standardized and clear road system, set up an advanced and scientificmanagement system for intelligent digital road network,form a three-dimensional network of expressway information services that meets the new needs of the public, and create a safe, efficient, smooth and convenient highway transportation environment.

  The adjustment involves the replacement of more than 12,000 types of signs, and the projectedimplementation time is 45 days.

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