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Sichuan Province Started the Program of Timber Substitution for Improving People's Livelihood in Northwest Sichuan
  The General Office of People’s Government of Sichuan Provincerecently issued the Guiding Opinions on Implementing the Program of Timber Substitutionfor Improving People's Livelihood in Northwest Sichuan. The program is to be implemented in NorthwestSichuan in several parts of Mianyang, most parts of Liangshan, and all parts of Ganzi and Aba.

  The scope of this program spansthe important water conservation area in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. It is a concentrated distribution area of forest resources, especially natural forest resources in Sichuan, and also an ecologically fragile area. The implementation of this program will provide strong support for the construction of the ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

  Regarding the implementation path, Sichuan will employ six key initiatives, includingexploring of the construction technology of rural houses in northwest Sichuan, innovating the planning and design of rural houses in northwest Sichuan, promoting the pilot construction of new building materials in northwest Sichuan, cultivating new energy utilization potential, establishing energy substitution mechanisms and encouragingparticipation of market players. Specifically, the building structure system and the enclosure system utilization technology will be improved to make the farmhouse landscape more ecologicaland equipped with modern functions.

  In the pilot attempt of new building materials, the climate and geological characteristics of different regions will be taken into full consideration, and representative regional and government-invested public buildings will be selected for pilot projects. The focus rests on pilot demonstration of local building structural systems, containment systems, and new technologies such as factory prefabrication, standard components, and rapid assembly.

  In terms of energy, Sichuan will support the scientific and orderly development of hydropower, geothermal, biogas, wind power, solar energy and other clean energy in the northwestern Sichuan according to laws and regulations; It will formulate preferential policies and measures for the electricity use of people, build a complementary energy cooperation mechanism between Northwest Sichuan and other regions,and advance the establishment of an energy replacement mechanism that replaces other fuels during the wet season.

  In terms of market entities, the production and distribution market for the northwestern Sichuan energy and energy equipment will be fostered, and manufacturers will be encouraged to produce and sell daily products suitable for heating and cooking in northwest Sichuan.

  The Opinions clearly stipulates that commercial forest harvesting of natural forests should be completely banned, and the quotas for cutting woods for production and living of rural residents should be strictly controlled. The Opinionshas further refined the related tasks into 24 small items and determined their relevant responsible unitsrespectively.
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