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Sichuan Province Launched 10 Measures to Further Promote the Healthy Development of Private Cultural Tourism Enterprises
  The Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Healthy Development of Private Cultural Tourism Enterprises has been issued by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism recently to support the development of private cultural tourism enterprises in Sichuan from 10 aspects. This is what the reporter learned from the news briefing held by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on March 13rd.

  The Implementation Opinionsclarified 10 measures to expand investment areas, promote fair competition, foster market players, support market expansion, reduce barriers to market entry, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthen service guarantees, optimize financial services, strengthen personnel training, and enhance overall coordination. We will focus on providing a full chain of services for the private culture and the healthy development of tourism companies.

  In accordance with the principle of providing benefits, profits and conveniences for enterprises, the Implementation Opinions adhered to the problem-oriented solutions to confront the most concentrated and urgent issues facing private culture and tourism enterpriseslike market access, cost reduction, financing, and service guarantee, and to conduct precise design of awards and compensations. It has madeclear that private enterprises are encouraged to invest in new museums, art galleries, libraries, etc., and rewards and subsidies are provided; Private enterprises that have fully invested to build new culturaland industry parks which have been recognized as national-level demonstration parks will be granted a one-time subsidy of 10 million yuan; Private enterprises that travelindependently to major overseas tourist destinations to launch Sichuan tourism publicity and promotion activities, will receive amaximumreward of 400,000 yuan; Private enterprises that have invested in cultural tourism innovation and entrepreneurship, will be granted with a subsidy in site renovation and the purchase of public technology equipment and facilities.
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