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Sichuan Province Announced the Budget for the “Three Provincial-Level Public Expenses” This Year
  According to the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance, Sichuan’s provincial departments, including provincial administrative units (including those public institutions subject to the managementof civil servantsacts), public institutions and other bodies, havedeterminedthe 2019budgetfor the“Three Provincial-Level Public Expenses”ata total amount of388 million yuan, showing a decrease of 102 million yuan from 2018, down by 20.8%.

  In accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee regardingthe maintaining of operation, people's livelihood, key areas, and optimization of structures, this year's fiscal budget exercise strict management for expenditures.In addition to the required and key project expenditures, the provincial departmental budget will be reduced by no less than 5%. The reduced funds will be used to guarantee the implementation of major decisions such as poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

  This year’s provincial budget for the “Three Provincial-Level Public Expenses”writes: the governmental expenses for overseas travel to be limited within 0.6 billion yuan, representing an increase of 206 million yuan, up by 76.5%, over that of the previous year; the official hospitality spending to be limited within 43 million yuan, showing a decrease of 34 million yuan, down by 44.2%, over that of the previous year; the fund for the purchase,the costs for the operation and maintenance of official vehicles to be limited at 285 million yuan (including: a purchase fund for official vehicle of 58 million yuan, a cost for theoperation and maintenance of official vehicle of 227 million yuan), registering a decrease of 94 million yuan, down by 24.8%, from that of the previous year.

  The relevant person in charge of the Budget Department of the Provincial Department of Finance introduced that under the premise of strictly management the “Three Provincial-Level Public Expenses”, Sichuan is tofurther optimizethe internal structure of the “three public expenses”, reduce the official hospitality spending, and increasethe funds for overseas business travels accordinglythis year without increasing the total funding in order to solve the problem of "insufficient opening-up" in Sichuan and toimplement the deployments of the provincial party committee concerning the establishment of comprehensive opening-up pattern featuring "four-direction expansion and across-the-board opening-up".
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