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165 Duty Items Have Been Transferred by Sichuan Provincial Institutions in the Reform
  In accordance with the requirements of the central government, the Sichuan provincial-level institutional reforms had basically been completed by the end of 2018. The reporter learned from the editorial office of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee that Sichuan provincial institutions have transferred a total of 165 duties, 553 administrative authorized strengths, 37 public institutions and more than 1,800 staffs of government affiliated institutionsin the current round of reforms.

  Provincial institutions shoulder more responsibilities for this transfer reform than that of previous ones. The relevant person in charge of the editorial office of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee said that such a large scale of adjustment demonstrates the determination and confidence of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to clarify thepowers and responsibilities of various departments and build a party political system with clear boundaries to ensure more efficient operation. In the reform, Sichuan insists the principle that similarmatters shall be solely handled by a single department, and one itemshall subject to the management of just one department, which highlighted the clear boundaries between departments. At the same time, Sichuan has promoted the separation of governmental and public institutions and comprehensively advanced the reform of public institutions which perform administrative functions. When the reform ended, "stubborn problems", such as overlapping of duties and unclear boundaries between departments, would have been basically eliminated. The administrative functions undertaken by the relevant departments and public institutions shall all be reclaimed to the authorities.

  In this round of institutional reform, Sichuan implemented to the letter the quota management requirements of the Party Central Committee, limited the total number of provincial-level party and government institutions to at most 60, and reducedthe administrative authorized staffingcorrespondingly. By the time the reform is done, there will be 60 provincial-levelparty and government institutions, including 17 provincial committees and 43 government agencies, down by one than that before the reform. The administrative staffing of the provincial department (including the preparation of political and legal special projects) was reduced by around 0.26%.The reduction in the number of institutions and administrative staffs has further reduced the provincial financial burden and facilitated the transfer of limited financial funds to other major key areas, resulting in “trimmed manpower and streamlined administration”.

  It is clearly demandedby the Party Central Committee that the current reform must skim and standardize the deliberative and coordinating institutions. In accordance with the actual realities, Sichuan has fully promoted to “streamline” and “reduce” the deliberation and coordination organizations. On the one hand, it has improved 7 deliberation agencies of provincial party committees such as the Audit Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and adjusted the Provincial Social Security Comprehensive Governance Committee and its Office and Provincial Party Committee Steering and Safeguarding Group and its office to further rationalize the distribution of responsibilities and to integrate work power. On the other hand, while greatly streamlining the deliberative and coordinating bodies, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee is drafting the Administrative Measures for Provincial-level Provincial Deliberative and Coordinating Organizations, which is intended to be implemented as a long-term party regulation whichaims at further regulating the set-up of deliberative and coordinatingbodies through the establishment of a long-term mechanism.
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