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SichuanProvince Has Adopted a New Type of Business License
  The once vertical licensehas been changed intoa horizontal version and one can gain access to the enterprise information which has achieved nationwide connection by scanningthe QR code. Recently, the reporter learned from the industrial and commercial registration window of the Sichuan Provincial Center for Government Services that starting from this month, Sichuan will officially put into use the new business license and the new edition of Regulations on the Application Documentsfor Enterprise Registrationand Regulations on Material Submissions for Enterprise Registration. Compared with the former one, the new business license was adjusted from the vertical version to a horizontal version, with the original and copy panel information adjusted accordingly, and with thename of supervisory units in the Foreign (Regional) Enterprise Permanent Representative Registration Certificate and the Foreign (Regional) Enterprise Permanent Representative Office Representative Card being modified all together.

  Five major changes have known to be made to the new version of the business license. First, it has changed into a horizontal version, with one original and one copy. Second, the added QR code has realized seamless connection with thepublicity systemfor the credit information of national enterprises, and the public is encouraged to scan the QR code to learn about the market entities’ public information in real time. At the same time, the 8 formats have remained unchanged to ensure clear legal records. In addition, it has enabled the use of minority characters on the new business license of ethnic autonomous areas that have been approved and filed by the General Administration of Markets. Finally, an e-business license will be preparedthe moment the hard copy business license is released. According to the relevant person in charge of the provincial industrial and commercial registration window, they have revised the current Regulations on Regulations on the Application Documents for Enterprise Registration and Regulations on Material Submissions for Enterprise Registrationwhile adopting the new version. Red tape has been cut from the paperwork, and the reporting matters have been reduced. Some of the “fill-in items” in the original form are replaced by the “ticking options” in standardized expression, and the documents and material specifications involved in the registration matters that are not legally regulated or explicitly cancelled by the State Council will not be retained. Applicants can access the “Sichuan Government Affairs Service Network” to download such documents for later use, or show up at the registration window at all levels to collect such documents. A special reminder is that the market entity that receives the new version of the hard-copy business license can access the registration system to generate an e-business license which can be downloaded and used by the market entity. All kinds of market entities that existed before can continue to use their original business licenses. It is not mandatory for them to renew business license.

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