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SichuanEcotourism Festivalof Flower and Plants (Fruits) Is toKick off
  On March 14th, the 3rd Meishan Cherry Blossom Festival will be held in Meishan Sakura Expo Park, which also marks the all-round commencement of the Sichuan Ecotourism Festivalof Flower and Plants (Fruits) this year. This is what the reporter learned from themain venue of the 2019 Sichuan Ecotourism Festival of Flower and Plants (Fruits) in Chengdu and thenews briefingof the third Meishan Cherry Blossom Festival on March 6th.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the ProvincialBureauof Forestry and Grasslands, this year's Eco-tourism Festival will be themedon “Driving Consumption through Eco-tourist Innovation and Development to Help with Poverty Alleviation”, with a total of 95 events. This is the 9th consecutive year for such festival in Sichuan Province. Since 2011, Sichuan has held more than 400 related festivals. Until last year, theseevents have generated direct tourism revenue of 25.3 billion yuan.

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