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Sichuan Forest Coverage Rate Reached 38.83%
  By the end of last year, the forest coverage rate of Sichuan Province reached 38.83%, up by 0.8 percentage points compared with that of previous year, and higher than the national average by over 15 percentage points. This was learned by the reporter from the Provincial Office of Greening Committee on March 11st.

  Last year was the third year of Sichuan's large-scale greening campaign. Sichuan launched the afforestation of the national land in spring and autumn as well as the construction of the four forest urban clusters to constantly eliminate the barren hills, control the ecologically fragile areas, and increase the green space of urban parks. Among them, Sichuan has focused on the construction of green corridors with bamboo forest landscape as the main axis, the management of ecologically fragile areas, and the construction of Tianfu Greenway. According to preliminary statistics, last year, Sichuan completed a total of 10.83 million mu of afforestation, which is equivalent to the size of Dujiangyan Irrigation District, exceeding the target tasks listed outby the provincial government. This is the province's three consecutive years of afforestation of more than 10 million acres. On this basis, the province's national green coverage rate reached 69%, an increase of 1 percentage point year on year. Last year, theurban green areas in Sichuan Province rose to 35.62%, and the per capita park green space of the province reached 12.48 square meters. The pilot project of park city construction was launched in the country, and the Standardsforthe Ecological Garden City of Sichuan Province was issued.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Bureau of Forestry and Grasslands, this year, Sichuan will continue to promote the afforestation and greenization of key areas such as the Yangtze River Corridor, the Liangshan Mountain and the Tibetan Plateau.It is estimated that 9 million mu of afforestation will be completed throughout the year.
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