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The Number of National Parks for Agricultural Science and Technology in SichuanProvince Has Amounted to 10
  The Provincial Department of Science and Technology recently revealed that the Deyang National Park for Agricultural Science and Technology has been officially approved, which means that the number of national parks for agricultural science and technology in Sichuan Province has amounted to 10. The total area of the core areas and demonstration areas of 10 national parks for agricultural science and technology exceeds 240,000 mu and 5.7 million mu respectively. More than 500 companies have settled in these parks, and more than 1,200 new types of business entities have a total annual output of more than 60 billion yuan.

  The Deyang National Park forAgricultural Science and Technology is planned to mainly raise kiwi and rose. The core area covers an area of 70,000 mu. It will build a rural revitalization development demonstration zone, anincubator center for science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as a breeding innovation functional zone, a promotion zonefor innovation and entrepreneurship, a tertiary industry interactive and innovation zone, and a demonstration zone for rural tourism.
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