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Sichuan Province Launching a Series of Measures to Create a Healthy Growth Environment for Entrepreneurs

  In order to create a healthy growth environment for entrepreneurs and support cohesive and high quality development, Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC have worked out the Implementation Opinions On Promoting Entrepreneurs’ Healthy Growth Environment To Carry Forward Entrepreneurial Spirit of Excellent Entrepreneurs and To Give Full Play To Their Role, which proposes 16 policies and measures including an environment of the rule of law, market environment, social atmosphere and excellent entrepreneurial spirit.

  Creating an environment of the rule of law to protect entrepreneurs’ legitimate rights and interests, property rights, innovative rights and independent management rights is placed in an important position.

  Protecting the property rights of entrepreneurs according to law. The Opinions is to formulate an implementation plan to improve the property rights protection system and accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the equal protection of various ownership economic property rights according to law. It is also to strictly distinguish the illegal income and legal assets of enterprises, corporate legal person property and entrepreneurs’ personal property; a company’s legal assets and entrepreneurs’ personal property are not to be implicated when illegal acts of enterprises are investigated and punished.

  Protecting entrepreneurs’ innovation rights in accordance with the law. The Opinions puts forward that the establishment of an evaluation mechanism for intellectual property’s market value will be explored, a damage compensation system based on market values will be adopted, and the compensation standards for infringement of intellectual property rights and punitive damages will be increased. At the same time, it will support the overseas deployment of intellectual property rights of enterprises and improve the risk early warning mechanism for overseas intellectual property.

  Protecting entrepreneurs’ right to operate independently according to law. The Opinions clearly states that a company’s willing should be fully respected and it will never be compelled to set up sub-subsidiaries.

  In the aspect of creating a fair competition and honest business market environment, the Opinions suggests that Sichuan will abolish various regulations and practices that impede fair competition in the unified market, and implement non-public ownership enterprises to enjoy the same treatment as public-owned enterprises in terms of investment, financing, tendering and bidding. At the same time, we will actively promote monopoly industries’ value-added services, supporting supply, equipment procurement and service purchase open to the whole society. PPP and other modes will be implemented and additional conditions and discriminatory provisions on private enterprise access violations shall not be imposed.

  In addition, our province will also establish a joint incentive mechanism for entrepreneurial trustworthiness and a joint disciplinary mechanism for their dishonesty. All localities and departments are encouraged to give preferential policy support to entrepreneurs with excellent credit records in innovation, entrepreneurship, factor security, and social security. At the same time, the “black list” management system will be perfected, where legal representatives and actual controllers of serious untrustworthy companies will be regarded as key targets to be supervised, and joint disciplinary measures will be taken in accordance with the law.

  Creating an administrative environment and social atmosphere to inspire entrepreneurs. Our province will focus on deepening the reform of “streamlining administration and delegating power” and build “close” and “clean” new-style government-business relations. We will comprehensively deal with matters concerning the examination and approval of enterprises, and carry out special actions to “reduce certificates to facilitate people”, and publicize the results and accept supervision. We will establish a working mechanism where leading cadres at all levels and relevant departments contact key enterprises and trade associations’ chambers of commerce in order to listen to suggestions from entrepreneurs. The Opinions puts forward in particular that it will promote the consultation mechanism of private enterprises to overcome the difficulties and solve problems in the production and operation of enterprises.

  It also points out that we must strengthen the party’s leadership in the building of entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurship education, vigorously carry forward the spirit of outstanding entrepreneurs, give better play to the role of entrepreneurs, and make greater contributions to promoting the good governance and prosperity of Sichuan to a new level.

  To strengthen the party’s leadership over entrepreneurs, we must first strengthen the party’s leadership over state-owned enterprises, comprehensively improving party building in these enterprises. At the same time, we must give full play to Party members’ roles as pioneers and models, strive to effectively promote the organization and work of non-public enterprises, and attach importance to the development of qualified private entrepreneurs to join the party.

  Innovating entrepreneurship training methods. The Opinions proposed that entrepreneurs will be supported to receive ideal and faith education at party schools and cadre schools at all levels, to study in developed regions and national-level independent innovation demonstration zones, high-tech development zones, and free trade pilot zones, top 500 global companies and leading companies in industry at home and abroad.

  Vigorously promoting outstanding entrepreneurship. The Opinions clearly puts forward the spirit of promoting the new era of Sichuan business on the basis of the actual situation in Sichuan. Specific measures include in-depth implementation of “Sichuan Business Elite” and the “New Generation of Sichuan Business” training program to guide and support Sichuan businessmen to start business mainly in their hometown, and to support Sichuan Business Associations of different places to further integrate resources and promote cooperation and constantly enhance the competitiveness and influence of Sichuan Business.

  Carrying forward entrepreneurial spirit of innovative development, quality focus and pursuit of excellence. Sichuan Province will intensify its efforts to encourage entrepreneurs to continue to promote product and technological innovation; it will increase the weight of state-owned enterprises’ innovation performance appraisal and encourage them to increase investment in technological innovation. In addition, our province will conduct in-depth quality improvement initiatives and the system of chief quality officer, and foster exemplary companies with advanced quality management methods and experience.

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