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Sichuan Province Issuing Certificates for Experts in the 2017 “Thousand Talents Program”

  On May 30th, the Second National Science and Technology Workers Day, Ma Tianchen, a newly elected experts in the provincial “Thousand Talents Program”, Chairman of Chengdu TJUT Technologies Co. Ltd., received a special gift: Distinguished Expert Certificate of Sichuan Province. On the same day, the 2017 provincial “Thousand Talents Program” expert certification issuing ceremony and service policy training meeting was held to give evidence to the newly selected experts and team representatives.

  Ma Tianchen, who was born in Qingdao, Shandong, is a typical “Rongpiao (Migrant in Chengdu)”. Ma is the “first person” among all enrolled students who started company and made it listed in the whole country. His national high-tech enterprise, Chengdu TJUT Technologies, has successfully landed on the “new three boards”. Why did he choose to start a business in Sichuan? Ma Tianchen said he took a fancy to Sichuan’s high regard for talents and the environment supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

  Such a choice has become a consensus among more and more high-level talents. Statistics show that 217 experts and 20 innovative and entrepreneurial teams have emerged from 658 candidates and 51 teams in last year’s “Thousand Talents Program”. The number of applicants increased by nearly 30% compared with that of the previous year, and 94.5% of selected candidates had doctorate degrees from famous universities both at home and abroad. “Both the number and level have transcended that of the past years.” Officials in the Provincial Human Resources Office said that as of now, our province has supported the introduction of 1008 experts and 92 top innovative entrepreneurial teams of the provincial “Thousand Talents Program”.

  Jin Xiaoqiu, who has been in charge of a large state-owned enterprise in Sichuan area for nearly 10 years and the president of the Mianyang SDIC Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., has resigned his job to work in Sichuan for the development opportunities here.

  In the exchanges, the newly elected experts and team representatives have expressed that they will actively devote themselves to the future development of Sichuan, serve well for its management and prosperity, and give full play to the “fission” effect of “introducing a talent, gathering a team, developing a subject (Major) and raising an industry (field)”.

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