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281 Projects winning the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

  Decisions on Science and Technology Awards of Sichuan Province in 2017 has been announced recently, according to which, 281 projects have won the provincial scientific and technological progress award, 23 more than that of the previous year.

  31 achievements including “New Method of Magnetic Resonance Brain Network Imaging and its Study on the Mechanism of Epileptic Brain”, “Cold Soil Process and Feedback of Freezing Soil in Cold Zone Ecological Coupling Effect” won the first prize of the provincial scientific and technological progress award; 93 achievements including “Deep Rock Engineering Characteristics Testing Technology And Its Application”, “Key Section Research on the Design and Preparation of Nano-Structured Transparent Ceramics” won the second prize, and another 157 achievements such as “FMS63 flexible manufacturing system” and “New Endocrine Function of the Skeletal System” won the third prize.

  There was a vacancy in Sichuan Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award in 2016. In 2017, it was won by Wang Yuzhong, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Sichuan University. Wang Yuzhong is mainly engaged in the research of environmentally friendly polymer materials. He is an advocate, pioneer and practitioner of the development of halogen-free flame retardants and recyclable biodegradable polymer materials in China. The flame retardant polyester product produced by his technology has a global market share of over 80%.

  Officials of Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department revealed that the award-winning projects covered a wide range of areas, involving 15 national economic sectors, such as manufacturing, transportation, information technology, medical and health, social security and so on. Among them, there are 151 industrial projects, accounting for more than 50%, and the winning projects have significant social and economic benefits. The projects have obtained 1,038 authorized invention patents and 1,917 other authorized patents. According to incomplete statistics, the above projects have gained 346.585 billion yuan of new sales revenue through application transformation.

  The Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Award is set up by Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, including the outstanding contribution award of science and technology and that of science and technology progress which are evaluated once a year.

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