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Mianyang Science and Technology City Striving to Increase the Output Value of Civil-Military Integration Companies by over 12% Year-On-Year

  The General Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government recently issued the Key Work Arrangement for the Construction of the Mianyang Science and Technology City in 2018, which clearly states that the GDP of the Mianyang Science and Technology City this year need to increase by 9% through efforts, and the output value of the military-civilian integration enterprises will increase by more than 12%, up by 0.5 and 1 percentage point respectively over the target of the previous year..

  The work arrangement requires the establishment of the Mianyang Municipal Committee and the Civil-Military Integration Development Committee and office centering on the in-depth development of military-civilian integration. It will focus on advancing 58 mixed ownership reforms of the Armed Forces, the reform of the position mixed ownership system of the Southwest University of Science and Technology, the re-development mechanism of dual-use military-civilian marketization, and trials of low-altitude airspace development; we also should speed up the building of a military-civilian integration characteristic industrial park, striving to gather 200 companies throughout the year and complete investment of 11 billion yuan.

  Focusing on popular entrepreneurship and innovation, we will speed up the construction of a three-phase innovation center for science and technology cities, striving to establish a total area of 1.15 million square meters of technology business incubators and introducing 4000 companies settled in it; we will also expand the pilot scale of financing services for accounts that should be received and strive to achieve a total financing of 7 billion yuan; we will launch the pilot program of national scientific research personnel incentive plan to stimulate the creativity and vitality of scientific and technological personnel.

  Focusing on the concentrated development zone and park in the Science and Technology City, we will carry out the construction of 74 infrastructure projects with a total investment of approximately 39.19 billion yuan in the construction of the Central Development Zone of Science and Technology City; we will strive to complete the investment in the industrial project of 15.45 billion yuan within the year; we will also ensure all of the construction of 12 military-civilian integrated high-tech industrial agglomeration special projects of electronic information, nuclear technology application and new material will start within the year.

  Focusing on the development of high-end industries, we are to accelerate the construction of a national-level electronic information industry base, striving for a “China-made 2025” national demonstration area; we will also accelerate the construction of a national e-commerce model city, ensuring that the amount of e-commerce transactions exceeds 280 billion yuan. By deepening the implementation of large enterprises and groups nurturing a "pilotage plan", we strives to add one enterprise with over 5 billion yuan in value, one with more than 3 billion yuan, and four with over 1 billion yuan.

  This year, Mianyang Science and Technology City will organize the 6th International Hi-tech Expo and deepen cooperation with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, and strive to achieve a total import and export volume of 12.4 billion yuan.

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