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Mr. Yin Li Presiding Over the 3rd Executive Meeting of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government

  On April 2, Mr. Yin Li, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Governor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government presided over the 3rd executive meeting of the provincial government to deploy the implementation of the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s spirit of the important speech during his visit in Sichuan and convey and study the speech of Mr. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC in the research symposium of the provincial government for the promotion of supply-side structural reform.

  It is emphasized in the meeting that governments and departments of all levels in our province must conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech during his visit in Sichuan and comprehend their essences. By focusing on the key task of the “five efforts” in combination with realities of Sichuan, we are to improve the political position, refine and decompose the tasks, channel great efforts in implementation, so as to promote the implementation of policies of the central government and decisions of the provincial government. We must understand and implement the provincial party committee’s deployment requirements, clearly understand the new situation, new tasks, and new requirements faced by the development of Sichuan in the new era, conduct in-depth investigations and studies, deepen reform and opening up, and do a good job in key tasks including the structural reforms on the supply side, rural revitalization, poverty alleviation, the development of all-for-one tourism, protection and improvement of people’s livelihood, so as to comprehensively strengthen the government’s own construction, ensure the completion of the objectives and tasks set at the beginning of the year, and contribute more to a more prosperous Sichuan.

  Work Program of Sichuan Province Promoting the Supply Side Structural Reform in 2018 was approved in the conference, which states the target of the supply side reform of our province in 7 aspects: eliminating invalid supply, nurturing new driving energy, improving the quality of development, reducing the cost of real economic enterprises, preventing and resolving risks, completing weak areas of development, and improving the quality of agricultural supply, and clearly presents 36 key tasks. It is also emphasized that we must pay close attention to the international and domestic development situation in combination with Sichuan’s realities, seek truth from facts, highlight key areas, and continuously put forward various measures for the implementation and effective results of the supply-side structural reform to achieve and promote the high-quality economic development of our province.

  Administrative Measures for the Approval and Filing of Enterprise Investment Projects in Sichuan Province was approved in the meeting, which clarifies that the government only approves projects involving in national security, major productivity deployments, strategic resource development, and major public interests, while filings of other projects need to be equally handled by companies on their own in conformity with legal provisions. For the projects in approval system, the approving authority will only conduct checks on external conditions such as national security, industrial policies, resource utilization, and public interest.

  Further Regulations on Supervision and Implementation of Government Procurement of Sichuan Province was approved, which involved 16 specific measures in three aspects of decentralization, strict implementation of legal procurement and enhanced supervision and management.

  Other issues were also studied in the meeting.

  Prior to this executive meeting, Jin Jian, a professor-level senior engineer at CAICT, explained the blockchain---the science and technology concept giving birth to the paradigm of new economic development.

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