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Starting Major Projects in the First Quarter of 2018

  On the morning of March 30th, the commencement ceremony of Sichuan Province’s major projects in the first quarter of 2018 was held. Mr. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, attended it and announced its opening. Mr. Yin Li, Vice Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Governor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government delivered a speech.

  Before the ceremony, Mr. Peng Qinghua and Mr. Yin Li listened to reports on the construction of Chengdu’s major projects, the planning of Chengdu Tianfu International Biotown, and the establishment of Sinopharm’s raw blood products headquarter and industrial bases from officials of the provincial and municipal authorities and heads of companies.

  Mr. Yin Li spoke at the ceremony. He said that all departments in our province must thoroughly implement the spirit of important speeches of the General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection in Sichuan, and insist on the fundamental requirement of high-quality development throughout the economic and social development. In accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, projects as well as reforms and innovations should be promoted to accelerate the formation of a more complete industrial chain and a concentrated industrial cluster, and promote the quality of the supply system with high-quality project investment. The activity of “Project Year” this year is to attract not only large and strong companies as well as new projects, but also to work hard on the overall planning of all projects, so as to constantly improve the province’s industrial chain, optimize regional industrial layout, and lead the promotion of high-quality development. All departments and units across the province should further enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, carefully organize, scientifically dispatch, and vigorously implement these projects. Each construction unit of the project should work with a schedule and formulate the completion time of each stage, so as to finish the construction as soon as possible and bring the benefits into full play on the premise of project safety and quality.

  Provincial departments should optimize government services and create a good business environment by strengthening factors guarantee and supports for cities and prefectures; communication and cooperation between cities and prefectures should be strengthened to form an overall joint effort. We must also strengthen supervision and evaluation, implement the system of leading cadres in connection with key projects, increase unsolicited and unannounced visits to projects’ construction sites and regularly inform their progress. Ledgers will be made and deadlines for handling affairs will be set to ensure that all work in the “Project Year” is effective for the entire province which is to inject strong driving force for the economic and social development to make new and greater contributions to the promotion of a well-managed and prosperous Sichuan.

  As a representative of project-starting companies, Mr. Zeng Bing, deputy general manager of China National Pharmaceutical Group, said in his speech that China Pharmaceutical Group will give full play to its advantages in capital, technology, management, and talents, and seize the opportunity of the development of Sichuan’s bio-pharmaceutical industry to accelerate the layout of Asia’s largest and most technologically advanced blood product industry base and bio-blood product R&D center. They will strive to complete the project as soon as possible to make positive contributions to Sichuan’s high-quality development and industrial transformation and upgrading.

  Mr. Wang Ning, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Governor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, presided over the opening ceremony and reported on the major projects starting in the first quarter of 2018. Mr. Fan Ruiping, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Committee, reported on the conditions of the start of projects in Chengdu. Responsible comrades in Luzhou City and Deyang City reported on the relevant local projects by video connection.

  At 10 o’clock in the morning, Mr. Peng Qinghua announced the start of Sichuan Province’s major projects in the first quarter of 2018. With enthusiastic applause as well as various construction vehicles and mechanical equipment speakers blaring, construction of major projects in the first quarter of our province started.

  The commencement ceremony was held at Sinopharm’s raw blood products headquarter and industrial bases at Tianfu International Biotown in Chengdu. In addition to Aba Prefecture and Ganzi Prefecture, another 18 cities (prefectures) set up sub-venues to hold the opening ceremony simultaneously. A total of 1,861 major projects were started on the same day with a total investment of 799.1 billion yuan. The commencement of these projects will further optimize our province’s investment structure and provide strong support for Sichuan’s high-quality development and fulfilling the major economic targets this year.

  Mr. Wang Minghui, Mr. Wang Yihong, Mr. Luo Qiang, and Mr. Tang Limin attended the ceremony at the main venue. Responsible comrades of provincial departments and cities (prefectures) attended ceremonies in sub-venues at the same time.


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