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Public Resource Exchange Platform of Sichuan Province among Top Three in China

  According to the evaluation results of the public resource exchange platform system announced by the National Development and Reform Commission, the construction of public resource exchange service platform system in our province got a high score of 95.72 in the nationwide evaluation, ranking the third in the whole country. This is the first time since our country started the assessment work in March 2017 that our province entered the top three in the whole country.

  According to reports, Sichuan Provincial Government Affairs Service and Public Resource Exchange Service Center, with the benchmark of national standards and experience in advanced regions, has adopted various measures to solve problems in data coverage, accuracy, timeliness, and comprehensiveness of the service platform in accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, so as to better build and use the public service platform. First of all, it has set up a form based on the platform’s modular labor division, and urged suppliers to establish a form of module division for inter-connection, which has sped up the construction speed of the platform, better met the business needs, and greatly improved the work efficiency. Secondly, for the improvement of the quality of data applications across the province, systematic technical training has been conducted by means of on-site questions, questions and answers and technical exchanges. At the same time, regarding communication channels, information means like the Internet and big data are used to control the connection of information and data of important situations and major issues, and to solve problems in information and data through multi channels. In the next step, Sichuan’s public resource exchange service platform will also strengthen the promotion of CA mutual recognition, remote bid evaluation, and big data analysis for providing better service for exchange centers of cities and prefectures as well as the majority of transaction subjects.

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