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The Amount of Industrial E-Commerce Transactions in Sichuan Province Will Exceed 700 Billion Yuan By 2020

  The Economic and Information Commission of Sichuan Province issued A Three-year Scheme for the Development of Sichuan's Industrial E-Commerce Development recently, which clarifies that by 2020, our province's industrial e-commerce transaction volume will be more than 700 billion yuan, and the key enterprises' e-commerce penetration rate will exceed 70%.

  Industrial e-commerce is a new type of economic activity in the industrial field that focuses on online transactions of information, products, services, resources, and capabilities, running through the entire life cycle of products including R&D, design, procurement, production, sales, service, and recycling. The vigorous development of industrial e-commerce has also been regarded as one of the key forces in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

  According to officials of the Productive Services Division of the Economic and Information Commission, the penetration rate of e-commerce for industrial enterprises above designated size is 54.8% at present, slightly lower than the national average and ranking 10th in the country. According to the plan, our province will focus on implementing the “three major projects” to vigorously develop industrial e-commerce.

  The implementation of industrial e-commerce leading projects around the bulk raw materials such as steel, chemicals, renewable resources, encourages and supports a number of large-scale backbone enterprises as well as improves online e-commerce platform's service ability of online trading, warehousing, logistics as well as information technology. It is planned that by 2020, a batch of domestic first-rate e-commerce leading platforms for the entire industry chain with a turnover of more than 10 billion yuan will be nurtured.

  The implementation of industrial e-commerce transformation project will, based on industry characteristics, focus on transforming the existing industrial e-commerce platform from the industry information exchange to a transaction service platform, and then to an integrated service platform. By 2020, our province will cultivate a group of well-known industrial e-commerce integrated service platforms with a transaction volume of over 5 billion yuan and a special industrial e-commerce service platform with a transaction volume of over 1 billion yuan.

  Implementation of the project of develop enterprises' ability of network marketing with the focus on the promotion of “Enterprises with Clouds” will speed up the construction and application demonstration of industrial cloud and industrial big data innovation service platforms, and promote SMEs' connectivity with professional cloud platforms of manufacturing resources and industrial design, equipment manufacturing, molds, and talents, so as to continuously improve the ability of SMEs and large companies of interaction, innovation and collaborative manufacturing.

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